Go outdoors and explore with the Pyrenex clothing brand. This carefully curated collection at Designerwear provides the perfect example of refined yet innovative menswear. You’ll find Pyrenex men’s coats in various designs, including the much celebrated and cosy down jackets. Our high quality Pyrenex t-shirts offer a supreme alternative to the basic t-shirt, with each piece being the ideal introduction to this favourable heritage clothing label.
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PyrenexGrey Charles Sweatshirt
£29.00 £95.00
PyrenexNavy Authentic Ripstop Fur Jacket
£199.00 £550.00

Founded in 1859, the Pyrenex brand journey had modest beginnings with the Crabbo family having to collect duck feathers from French markets for their vision to become a reality. Today, Pyrenex is one of the great innovators of duck down feathers and makes Pyrenex jackets capable of withstanding the harshest of environments. In this range there are many Pyrenex men’s coats to choose from, including lightweight windbreaker jackets and insulated down jackets that are ideal for colder temperatures. Why not create your own layering system with the superior quality Pyrenex t-shirts and sweatshirts in extremely wearable black, navy or white, with each displaying the unique Pyrenex brand tri-colour logo on the chest that makes a bold statement in itself.

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