Moose Knuckles Hoodies

Enjoy the fact that the logo on your new Moose Knuckles is created from – according to the Canadian brand itself – two of the most Canadian things possible. A moose. And a hockey fight. But you can also enjoy the fact that Moose Knuckles are creating some of the most high-performance outerwear it's possible to get at the moment. They create clothing that is going to keep you warm even in the challenging conditions that Canada is known for. On top of this, Moose Knuckles make hoodies that look great and feel great. The quality of materials and craftsmanship that goes into these items is crazy.
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Moose KnucklesPlaza Taupe Vero Beach Hoodie
£99.00 £230.00
Moose KnucklesBlack Vero Beach Hoodie
£99.00 £230.00