Men's Designer Jackets & Coats

Every man should have a carefully chosen collection of designer jackets in the AW21 wardrobe - select yours from our huge collection at Designerwear. Shop for iconic heavyweight designers such as Barbour and Moose Knuckles for your favourite go-to jacket when the temperature drops. Substitute either side of casual everyday jackets from Belstaff and Parajumpers.

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HUGOBlack Benji 2222 Jacket
£99.00 £189.00
HUGODark Blue Benji 2222 Jacket
£99.00 £189.00
LacosteBlack Water-Repellent High-Neck Jacket
£109.00 £210.00
EA7Black Hooded Series Bomber Jacket
£75.00 £145.00
ParajumpersPaloma Stuart Jacket
£329.00 £485.00
ParajumpersPencil Neptune Jacket
£399.00 £559.00
Lyle and ScottOlive Hooded Pocket Jacket
£65.00 £95.00
Armani ExchangeNavy Puffer Down Jacket
£99.00 £170.00
Armani ExchangeBlack Puffer Down Jacket
£99.00 £170.00
Marshall ArtistBlack Lightweight Paninaro Bubble Jacket
£55.00 £95.00
BOSSBlack J Colla Jacket
£229.00 £429.00
BOSSDark Blue Ocrunk Jacket
£99.00 £189.00
Paul and SharkBlack Ultra Light Down Jacket
£249.00 £485.00
BOSSBlack Thor Jacket
£149.00 £239.00
BOSSDark Blue Thor Jacket
£149.00 £239.00
Paul and SharkNavy Ultra Light Down Jacket
£249.00 £485.00
Armani ExchangeBlack Milano Puffer Jacket
£85.00 £165.00
Armani ExchangeNavy Milano Puffer Jacket
£85.00 £165.00
EA7Navy Down Filled Slim Fit Gilet
£75.00 £135.00
EA7Navy Down Filled Lightweight Slim Fit Hooded Jacket
£89.00 £155.00
EA7Black Down Filled Lightweight Slim Fit Hooded Jacket
£89.00 £155.00
HUGOMedium Grey Balto 2221 Jacket
£129.00 £269.00
HUGOBlack Balto 2221 Jacket
£139.00 £269.00
HUGODark Blue Benti 2221 Jacket
£99.00 £189.00

Here at Designerwear we have a fantastic collection of mens coats and jackets for you to choose from. If you are looking for a stylish designer coat or jacket then you will love the various choices from popular brands that we offer in our mens coat and jackets range. No man's wardrobe is complete without at least a couple of jackets. From the lighter casual styles we might wear in summer to the classic, full length winter's coat to keep you warm.

Rare is the man who feels at home without a coat whilst venturing outside. With many different styles and colours to pick from, you will be spoilt for choice in our mens coats and jackets range. Today's styles pay dual homage to the more relaxed urban style of contemporary fashion as well as the classy, upmarket feel of traditional coat and jacket styles.

Look out for detailing around the cuffs and shoulders, sewn-in belts and big buttons if you are looking to make a bold statement. The more relaxed and lightweight summer jackets continue the trend that has seen sports-inspired styling move from the playing field to the catwalk and into the office.

Classic, 60s and 70s clean lines in bright colours with cool yet minimal detailing are the order of the day. No matter what your personal style is, you are sure to find a mens coat or mens jacket that you love from our online collection. If you have enjoyed browsing through our mens coats and jacket collection then make sure you take a look at some of our other menswear including mens jumpers, mens t-shirts and mens jeans to add some more staple pieces to your wardrobe.