Lacoste Shorts

Get on board with Lacoste's classic “preppy” look with shorts that lend a smarter edge to any outfit. Along with their iconic polo shirts – the very idea of the polo shirt was actually invented by René Lacoste, the brand's founder – Lacoste chino shorts are perhaps the epitome of what this brand stands for. Lacoste is all about combining a sporty, athletic look with a smarter style. Revolutionising the stuffy clothing of the 1920s tennis court was the reason Lacoste invented the polo in the first place! Modern men's Lacoste shorts are ideal for wearing at almost any social occasion, pairing well with brogues and boat shoes. 

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LacosteViennese Beige Bermuda Shorts
£39.00 £85.00
LacosteNavy Branded Bands Cotton Fleece Blend Shorts
£35.00 £65.00
LacosteGrey Tennis Fleece Shorts
£29.00 £60.00