Lacoste Polo Shirts

Own something by the brand that literally invented the polo shirt. The brand's founder, René Lacoste, invented what would become the Lacoste tennis polo with French tailor André Gillier to replace the stifling tennis uniform of the 1920s. Even the now standard placement of the polo shirt logo was something Lacoste pioneered. And where the iconic crocodile logo led, today everyone else follows. Add a classic Lacoste polo to your clothing collection when you want a true wardrobe staple – something high quality, preppy, and that will go with almost any outfit. From the side of the tennis court to your next date, a Lacoste polo is a smart, simple choice.
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LacosteMint Green Classic L1212 Polo Shirt
£59.00 £85.00
LacostePink Classic L1212 Polo Shirt
£39.00 £85.00
LacosteClassic Grey Polo Shirt
£39.00 £85.00
LacosteClassic L1212 White Polo Shirt
£55.00 £85.00
LacosteViennese L1212 Polo Shirt
£45.00 £89.00
LacosteWhite Long-sleeve Classic Fit L1312 Polo Shirt
LacosteBlack Long Sleeve Polo Shirt