HUGO Hoodies

Introduce the style, comfort, and quality of the HUGO brand to your hoodie and sweatshirt collection. Even a simple black HUGO hoodie has more to say than even the flashiest designs of other brands. Because that famous HUGO logo has come to stand just as much for exceptional craftsmanship and style as anything under the HUGO label. Combine your HUGO hoodie with any casual outfit. Gym-going. Bar-going. Shopping. Such is the power of the HUGO brand, you can even use its hoodies to “dress down” smarter outfits when you need an extra layer to keep warm on colder evenings.

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HUGODark Blue Daratschi 214 Hoodie
£59.00 £99.00
HUGONavy Zip Through Daple212 Hoodie
£49.00 £99.00
HUGONatural Diorgione Hoodie
£69.00 £139.00
HUGOMedium Blue Daratschi 214 Hoodie
£45.00 £99.00
HUGONatural Daple 212 Hoodie
£49.00 £99.00
HUGOBlack Zip Through Daple212 Hoodie
£45.00 £99.00