Men's BOSS Zip Tops

Go for a men's BOSS zip top when you need clothing that sits in that ideal point between summer and winter wear. Worn open, a zip top like this will keep you warm on summer nights. Close it up, and during colder spring, autumn, and the start of winter it's a great choice as a lighter jacket that can still keep a bit of warmth with you. Like anything Hugo Boss creates, these jackets are smart, well engineered, and effortlessly stylish. The added touch of the bold BOSS logo is just what you need to show off your great taste to everyone around you.
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BOSSDark Blue Zestart Zip Top
£59.00 £119.00
BOSSDark Blue Skaz 1 Zip Top
£75.00 £179.00
BOSSBlack Skaz 1 Zip Top
£75.00 £179.00
BOSSBlack Skaz Curved Zip Top
£65.00 £149.00