T-shirts – Grab a Designer T-Shirt with Flair

T-shirts never go out of fashion and there is no better time to show off your taste in t-shirts than the summer time with the sun blaring down. Great brands like Voi Jeans, Gio Goi and Tommy Hilfiger offer a fantastic range of t-shirts. It’s all well and good having plain t-shirts for various occasions but when it comes to looking good on the high street, it’s all about picking designer branded t-shirts from the likes of French Connection, Gio Goi and Voi Jeans. The superior quality of designer t-shirts... Read More

Tips to Help Make Designer T-shirts Last Longer

Designer t-shirts are expertly crafted and designed and it is important to follow a few simple steps to help improve the longevity of your designer t shirts from leading fashion labels like Gio Goi, Police 883, Voi Jeans and Duck and Cover. It is important to us that our favourite forms of clothing last for as long as possible and this is particularly true when it comes to designer t-shirts. It is decidedly simple to make t shirts last a long time and all it takes is a little care... Read More

Tips on Choosing the Right Designer Jeans for you

Designer jeans are one of the most diverse forms of clothing out there and there really are hundreds of different styles to choose from. First and foremost, it is important to pick the sorts of brands that you like when it comes to designer jeans. Picking jeans isn’t a decision which should be taken lightly because, in most cases, people will keep the same pair of jeans for a few years if they have they fit and look the part, so, it really does pay to be choosing when it... Read More

Thinking Jumpers? Think Designer Knitwear

Jumpers are, of course, part and parcel of any designer clothing fan’s wardrobe but it is important to mix things up a bit when choosing designer jumpers and there are a great many forms of knitwear to choose from in the second half of 2011. Cardigans were once the domain of granddads but they have experienced a renaissance over the last few years to establish themselves as one of the most popular types of jumpers on the designer clothing market. More and more of the leading fashion labels like Police... Read More

Men’s Hoodies – A Design Classic

It is clearly apparent that the term ‘hoodys’ can cover a diverse selection of clothing types but it is a form of clothing that has really stood the test of time and will continue to be one of the main considerations of all high street fashion aficionados. Men’s jumpers or sweatshirts are somewhat of a cornerstone of designer clothes and they are regularly used to tie a style together. Jumpers are an item of clothing that all fashion fans have in great supply in their wardrobes but it is always... Read More

For Luxury and Style Look no Further than Designer jumpers

As summer is now in full swing in the UK, it will invariably be the more lightweight designer jumpers that we opt for over the next few months and with cracking brands like Gio Goi, Voi Jeans, Police 883 and duck and cover to choose from, you’ll look the part this summer. Choosing which designer jumpers are right for you will obviously come down to your own particular style tastes and it is a good idea to try and match your jumpers, whether they be knitwear, cardigans or any other... Read More

Distressed Jeans Proving Popular in 2011

Distressed Jeans Proving Popular in 2011 It is fair to say that styles of jeans can be quite transitory but one form of the clothing which is proving popular is that of distressed jeans. Denim fans, both male and female, are deciding to add a bit of edge to their wardrobes with a pair of distressed jeans. It goes without saying that different people will have different tastes when it comes to the style of jeans that they favour. Distressed jeans are those which have tears and rips worked into the... Read More

Can Hoodys Help Save the Planet?

Could wearing jumpers help save you money and help the planet? Investing in stylish hoody could in fact help save you money – as well as helping out the planet. It may sound obvious, but research in Australia has shown that households could save $92 a month if they only put on a jumper. Portable heating appliances are quite popular in Australia. Australia can be stiflingly hot, but there are areas where it can get cold during their winter. Melbourne for example is renowned for its changeable weather and climate.... Read More

Choosing your T-Shirt Brand this Summer

Now that summer is upon us, attention inevitably turns to t-shirts and which brands we want to be donning over the next few months. There are so many great labels to choose from when it comes to t-shirts that it can be overwhelming but it’s all about feeling comfortable. T-shirts are unquestionably one of the most commonly purchased forms of designer clothing and we invariably choose to replenish the stock of t-shirts for our wardrobes when the summer months roll round. With leading brands like Gio Goi, voi jeans, police... Read More

Designer Jeans – Getting the Skinny Jeans Look Right

Designer jeans come in many different forms but it is skinny jeans which are finding particular favour amongst the fashion conscious in 2011. Skinny jeans from leading brands like Gio Goi, Voi and Police 883 certainly look the part in the style stakes. Of course, skinny jeans are often considered an acquired taste and many high street fashion fans prefer the boot cut variety of jeans but with a little knowledge, skinny jeans can be worn to suit most style tastes. It is important that wearers have the right sort... Read More