Hoody – The Politics of Style

When it comes to men wearing jumpers and sweaters, be wary of some party politics at play. There’s no doubt men wearing designer jumpers can look casually sexy. The soft edge of sweaters can make the hardest of men look approachable. But there’s a fine balance between sweater chic and bumbling jumper. Get it right by opting for designer jumpers from leading brands like Gio-Goi, Voi Jeans, French Connection and Police 883. Jumpers and the Style Stakes Of course if you choose designer jumpers from Gio-Goi, Voi Jeans, French Connection... Read More

Hoodies – Keep Warm, Stay Cool

The big chill has swept across Britain this winter, but with designer jumpers from the likes of  Voi Jeans, Police 883 French Connection and Duck and Cover, you can keep warm and stay cool. The credit crunch alongside the chilly winter winds has done nothing for the mood of the country. But there is a temporary solution to both – jumpers. Investing in jumpers seems to be the only way to go for the foreseeable future; so you may as well make sure you choose some of the best labels... Read More

Hoodys – Pulling power

Do Hoodies have pulling power? You bet, staying warm doesn’t mean looking like a frump. Just check out jumpers from leading labels like Police 883, Duck and Cover, Voi Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger. Hoodies can offer more than warmth and comfort – they can be supremely stylish too. The Hoody collections for men and women from leading brands like Voi Jeans, Police 883, Gio Goi and duck and cover means winters will never be dowdy or dull. As well as choosing jumpers from your favourite label – whether its Gio-Goi or... Read More

Jean Genie – Dippy for Denim

Designer jeans are a must-have staple in most wardrobes. The flexibility and functionality of jeans mean they work hard for their money – but how much would you pay for a pair of designer jeans? £30 – a bargain, £40 – not bad, £50 – what you’d expect to pay for a decent pair of jeans – £60, still reasonable. £1,000? You’ve got to be kidding! Designer jeans represent the best value for your money, more so than any other designer garment. That’s because a good pair of designer jeans... Read More

Jeans – Dazzle in Designer DenimJeans are hot property

Jeans are hot property: there can’t be many people in the UK who don’t own at least one pair. But finding the perfect pair of jeans is like searching for the Holy Grail. Jeans: we love them. Jeans are made to be lived in. In fact, if you find the perfect pair of jeans, you’ll never let them go. We wear them at work and at play, day and night. Jeans can work for just about any occasion (okay, maybe not a wedding, unless you’re a rock chic). If you... Read More

Jeans – Back to the Future

When it comes to designer jeans, trends come, go, then come back again. Look at any collection of designer jeans from leading labels, including French Connection or Gio-Goi and you could be forgiven for thinking you were experiencing a fashion-inspired, time-travelling trip. Like general fashion, trends come and go, but they always seem to come back again. Many of us are tempted to get rid of our designer jeans that have become ‘so last season’ but there are reasons why you should hang onto your designer jeans. Firstly, designer jeans... Read More

T-shirts-Work Out in Style

Our gym wear tends to get pushed to one side with our fashion focus firmly on the latest dresses and cosy knitwear for winter. Put some zest into your work out clothes with the latest fashion t-shirts. So, you are ready to jump back on the exercise band wagon after an excessive Christmas period. If you are looking for a bit of motivation to get back in the swing of things a brand new gym kit could be exactly what you need. Check out the latest trendy t-shirts and inject... Read More

Men’s T-shirts: summer trends for 2011

After what was one of the longest, dreariest and coldest winters since 1657 (probably) the time has come to fling off your coats and start topping up your t-shirt tan. Read on for what we think will be the hottest styles this summer! This year has carries on recent trends towards bold colours, striking designs and off-the-wall combinations of style. Police 883 in particular are awesomely inventive, with skull motifs, vivid colours and exciting visual frippery to the fore. Of course, that sort of look isn’t for the faint of... Read More

Desigual new for Designerwear 2010!!!!!!!

There isn’t that many ladies brands that are up and coming within the fashion industry but when we went to the fashion shows we stumbled across Desigual. Its European and very quirky but those that love it have a real passion for this brand probable because there is nothing like it on the market.  Desigual is all about bold prints unusual style and versatility in how you wear it from jeans to leggings to simple wearing it on its own. The best thing about Desigual is people know what it... Read More

Weather is changing!!

It doesn’t even feel like we have had a summer and now the days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling so it can only mean one thing…..winter is coming! And that only means one thing time to buy your winter coat whether it be a leather jacket to layer up or those winter knits. Or for those who want a big Duffle Coat who have cold walks to work. Designerwear have all you need to combat the cold from the Firetrap leather jackets to the Duck & Cover... Read More