Jeans – It’s a Boy Thing

Boyfriend jeans have taken the fashion world by storm.   Boyfriend jeans were thought to be just a flash in the fashion pan. Many fashion aficionados dismissed the jeans as too baggy, too short or just too unflattering for girls. But the unisex pants are back. It seems girls have fallen in love with their boyfriend jeans – when they do split with this new object of their affections, it won’t be pretty.   Boyfriend Jeans go Mainstream Like many trends in jeans and denim, boyfriend jeans became mainstream after... Read More

Jeans – Do’s and Don’ts

Jeans are the ultimate clothing – worn by models, pop stars and even world leaders – but are there still some do’s and don’ts when it comes to denim? Jeans, especially designer jeans, can transform your look. Women, and men, love jeans. Stars and celebrities are frequently snapped in a pair of designer jeans that can spark epic trends. Jeans, unlike some fashions are the ultimate in democratic clothing – anyone can wear them. But can anyone pull them off? Jeans may look hot on an A-list movie star, but... Read More

T-shirts with a Message

T-shirts are the perfect way to get your message across. T-shirts are such a common-place piece of clothing, that we rarely stop to think about how effective they are as a means of communication. It’s the t-shirt, however, that protestors turn to in order to get their message across, or that stag parties distribute so that no-one forgets their weekend away. It’s also t-shirts that designers use to reinforce their brand or to get a message across.   The thing about T-shirts . . .   The thing about t-shirts... Read More

T-shirts for Boys and Girls

T-shirts are popular with both sexes, so designers need to satisfy both markets. When designers are working on the next collections, they’re often working on clothing for men, women and children. For designers that specialise in casual wear, that means a new range of t-shirts.   T-shirts for Everyone   Most people wear t-shirts at one time or another, and for many people, the t-shirt is an essential wardrobe item. People who are most comfortable in t-shirts often have quite a collection, stemming from many years of t-shirt wearing. Vintage... Read More

T-shirts – Fitting Fashion

Designer t-shirts are a fashion sensation. From utility underwear to fashion-leading outerwear, the t-shirt has a history unlike any other piece of clothing. The great thing about the t-shirt is that whilst the basic shape remains the same, designers have made their mark by branding, patterning, slogan-ing and tailoring in order to create t-shirts that are fashion leaders.   Where do T-shirts Come From?   Less of a philosophical question than a straightforward history lesson: the origins of the t-shirt can be loosely traced back to the beginning of the... Read More

T-shirts – Designer Bargain

You don’t need to take out a mortgage to buy great designer t-shirts. It’s a fact that many people are put off designer clothing, even t-shirts, because they think it will be too expensive. In fact, designer t-shirts are very affordable and, if you know where to look, you can find real bargains.   The Real Deal for Designer T-shirts   When you’re looking for t-shirts at bargain prices, make sure you use a reliable source. Shopping on the high street is great if you want to try things on,... Read More

Hoodies for Cool Points

Designer Hoodies give you instant cool points. Hoodies and cardigans are some of the staple pieces of a lot of men’s and women’s designer labels. Cardigans for men are more popular than ever – once worn only by your Grandad, cardigans are now amongst some of the trendiest clothing on the market, and designers are also increasing their range of jumpers for casual and more formal wear.   Why Hoodies are Cool   Like many fashion items, jumpers have been made cool by the people who wear them. That means... Read More

Hoodies and Why We Love Them

Across the UK,  Hoodys play a key role in our wardrobe collections. Hoodies are an extremely versatile, which is why designers love them. Whether it’s a simple, plain men’s jumper or a jumper dress to go over jeans, there’s no shortage of ways to dress Hoodies up or down. That flexibility is why we have so many jumpers in our wardrobes, and why designers keep adding new twists on a classic to their collections.   Hoodies and Trends   Whilst a good quality, classic jumper design can last you for... Read More

Jumpers – from Sports Hall to Catwalk

Some of the leading designer jumpers have a sporting background. There are many pieces of clothing that have successfully made the transition from sports arena to the fashion world. As soon as a top sports player hits our radar, we’re looking to see what labels he or she wears both at work and at play. Jumpers that were originally designed for sports men and women have influenced the styles of jumpers we see on the catwalk today.   Jumpers from Sports Designers   Of course, the most natural place for... Read More

Jeans – The Devil’s in the Detail

You can spot designer jeans by the extra details. Are you wondering why you should bother buying designer jeans? Surely all jeans are the same, except designer jeans have a higher price tag? After all, you’re paying for the name on the label, right? Well, actually, you’re paying for a better quality product than the one you’d find in the supermarket, and you might not be paying as much as you thought. Designer jeans are more affordable than ever and by paying for the time and talent that goes into... Read More