How Luke clothing helps you beat common style myths

Style pundits issue edicts from on high about the right way to look, and fashion slaves strive to follow them, fearing ridicule. However, many of these strict sartorial rules from above can be debunked. Here, we explore some common myths that can be exploded, and those that have a basis in truth. No double denim – False Denim-on-denim is still worthy of notice today. Try to mix up the wash, hue and colour of the pieces. Darker denim on the bottom might be paired with a Chambray shirt – you... Read More

An Introduction to Street Style Featuring Marcelo Burlon

What Is Street Style? Street style typically embodies high-end fashion mixed with athleisure. It’s both casual and sophisticated at once, works with layering and can feature distressed pieces. Tailoring blends well with oversized items, particularly in summer outfits. Street style, done properly, can help you stand out from the crowd. First popular in the 1980s, street style never really went away. Both haute couture and High Street stores now pay homage to brands offering bright colours plus box-fresh trainers. Street fashion can be a tricky look to pull off. You... Read More

How to style a Gant check shirt

Denim and check might conjure up images of cowboys; however, this timeless look is effortlessly cool when styled in the right way. A thick, plaid shirt under a fur-lined denim jacket and a pair of chunky boots is a perfect winter look. In contrast, you can team a lighter Gant check shirt with pale denim shorts and a crisp white T-shirt to create a cool summer outfit that is smart and casual in equal measure. If you really feel passionate about the look, double up with a denim jacket, denim... Read More

How to perfectly dress up Replay denim

Modern dressing is all about style and looking well turned out. So, can jeans be a part of your sharp new look? Fashion experts say that they can, it’s just a case of choosing the right brand and the right style. Jeans are durable and comfortable and superbly flexible. It’s true that they were originally workwear, but now they can look great at many formal occasions. It just depends on which jeans you buy and on how you wear them. The cut is key! Jeans can be dressed up, but... Read More

A Guide to Nailing Men’s Paul & Shark Knitwear

Knitwear for men can conjure up terrible memories of itchy childhood jumpers, boring colours and unflattering layers. However, with contemporary designers and cool labels such as Paul & Shark transforming knitwear as we know it, now is the time to add these essential pieces to your wardrobe this winter. Delivering wearable, warm and stylish knitwear collections, there is plenty of choice available for discerning dressers. Here are the styles, trends and pieces to nail knitwear this season. The V-Neck Having graced the catwalks of high-end luxury designers across the world,... Read More

Ready to decipher menswear lingo, such as Marshall Artist?

When you flick through the menswear fashion pages, do you wonder what is really meant by terms such as ‘sartorial’ or ‘heritage’? Do you sometimes feel that the fashion world is speaking a different language to you? Fashion lingo can change as fast as text speak or street phrases. Some phrases are a simple way to explain a look, whilst others are a distraction from the truth. Let’s see what to look out for and what it really means. Heritage When menswear is said to have a heritage style, it... Read More

Do these things to pick your perfect Tramarossa jeans

With the season’s Christmas parties coming up, you’re probably thinking of investing in a quality pair of new jeans to tide you through the festive calendar. With big brands such as Tramarossa offering a superb selection of designer denim to choose from, there are certainly plenty of options. However, there are also common mistakes to avoid making, if you’re going for the perfect look. Get the fit right – many men automatically choose jeans that are too loose. However, Tramarossa jeans look best when they are slim-fitted and the quality... Read More

The Art of Pulling Off a Twinzz Baseball Cap as an Adult

Baseball caps are undoubtedly cool, but it isn’t so cool to look like you’re refusing to age gracefully. Thankfully, there are ways to wear a Twinzz cap, or whatever brand you choose, without looking like the male equivalent of mutton dressed as lamb. The fact of the matter is that you don’t necessarily need to question whether you are young enough to wear a baseball cap. Instead, you should perhaps be asking whether you are planning to wear it in the right way. If you’re unsure of the answer, here... Read More

Get Ready for SS 19 with Dsquared2

If you’re looking for a fun look this season that is full of energy, Dean and Dan Caten have exactly what you need. Their new collection is bursting with positivity and dynamism. It’s a unique fusion of a traditional military theme with softer elements. Connect with Dsquared2 This Season Dean and Dan Caten are unique in the fashion world. Born in the 1960s, they have risen to great heights in the fashion industry and are now also radio personalities. Their international fashion house is one of the most successful there... Read More

3 ways to upgrade your style with a mens designer clothes sale

Feeling stuck in a rut when it comes to your wardrobe, but don’t want to spend too much time shopping or looking out for new trends? These three easy ways to upgrade your style will have you looking like a new man in no time. Choose a style icon One of the simplest ways to upgrade your style, especially if you don’t have a good instinct for this kind of thing, is to choose a style icon and take heed from them. A good style icon will alert you to... Read More