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Relaxing on the beach or strolling in the summer sun in comfort doesn’t have to mean compromising on style. CP Company shorts offer the ideal way to look and feel cool when the temperatures start to rise – or even when they don’t! The designers of CP Company shorts are masters of enduring style, ensuring that you can bring out the class in any situation. Even dipping in the pool or enjoying a splash in the sea can offer an opportunity to show off your style and good taste in... Read More


EA7 Junior new rage

Casual Boys’ Clothing with a Sporty Edge with EA7 Junior After more than three decades in the fashion world, esteemed Italian designer Giorgio Armani launched EA7, an Emporio Armani diffusion line that seeks to blur the fashion boundaries between leisure and athleticism. The EA7 Junior boys’ range is designed specifically for style-conscious young people aged between 4 and 16 who are looking for a versatile wardrobe filled with pieces that can be worn both casually and as performance-driven sportswear. Designed with both fitness and fun in mind, pieces in the... Read More

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Shop cheap Moose Knuckles online at Designerwear At Designerwear, we sell cheap Moose Knuckles online – so you can look stylish in some of the brand’s performance jackets, sweatshirts or tees and be confident you’ll be ready for any weather. The line of Moose Knuckles sweatshirts, parka, puffer or bomber jackets, T-shirts and tracksuits pants that we stock showcases how much functionality and style are at the heart of the Moose Knuckles brand. What’s so good about Moose Knuckles clothing? A Moose Knuckles parka has a waterproof shell, genuine fox-fur... Read More

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Why buy Nudie designer jeans online? In a world that is becoming increasingly aware of the impact of our choices on the environment, the younger generation of millennials especially is beginning to make a change. People are thinking differently about where their food comes from and what their coffee is served in, and everyone is trying to reduce their consumption of single-use plastics; therefore, it comes as no surprise that many people are asking more questions about where their clothes come from, the impact their production has on the environment,... Read More

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Cut a Stylish Figure with Mens EA7 Tracksuit When it comes to a stylish reputation, tracksuits do not always score highly. But things have changed in recent times. A new breed of tracksuits, such as the mens EA7 tracksuit, has emerged on the scene, fast becoming an essential wardrobe item for every trendsetting man. There are several factors that have contributed to the fashionable rise of the humble tracksuit. For a start, they are no longer baggy and shapeless affairs akin to the shellsuit types of the 1980s. Today’s wave... Read More

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Step fresh into spring with essential designer mens wear Investing in designer mens wear is a move that will pay off in many ways, with dressing appropriately – whether for a drinks party or a high-level presentation – fundamental to success. Spring is the time to embrace the warmer weather to come and shake off the heavy clothing of winter, but you need to be prepared for a range of temperatures and climatic conditions to remain stylish and comfortable. A well-cut overshirt in a quality fabric with smart detailing could... Read More

Stone Island clothes sale

Explore the mens Stone Island clothes jumper sale Founded in 1982 in Italy by esteemed fashion designer and garment engineer Massimo Osti, Stone Island very quickly built a strong and much-deserved reputation for producing contemporary menswear with a keen focus on quality and innovation. With both form and functionality at the heart of every garment in this collection, Stone Island prides itself on its offering of wearable menswear in a range of easy to style colours. The founder’s garment engineering background influences everything from the materials chosen for each piece... Read More


Emporio Armani tracksuit

An Emporio Armani tracksuit will become a key athleisure piece. Wherever you look these days, athleisure or activewear is there. It’s a huge trend and one that does not look like it’s going anywhere, and it seems to grow in popularity day by day. Today, “athleisure” has become such a popular term that it has been adopted into the popular lexicon and is listed in the Merriam-Webster English dictionary, where it is described as casual clothing that can be worn to exercise in but also for general wear. That is... Read More

How to wear designer logos

When it comes to discount designer menswear, you can bet that your favourite fashion house will have a whole host of garments on offer, ranging from tops to trousers, jackets and even accessories such as socks and bags. If you want to show loyalty to your favourite logos, then there are many ways to showcase them. If you are a fan of larger logos, then we can tell you how to make a statement without going over the top. If you prefer a more subtle logo, then we have the... Read More

Mens designer wear UK – what not to wear on a first date

Remember that you have attracted this amazing person who has agreed to go on a first date. They are interested in you and a little thought and planning can help you to project the best version of you there is. The good news is that even if you have no clue about style, it is easy to master if you follow a few simple guidelines. The overall look Don’t be tempted to pair your favourite shirt, shoes, trousers and jacket and hope for the best – unless they were bought... Read More