New Brand: Mephisto - World's Finest Footwear

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The Brand

Introducing Mephisto to Our newest designer men's footwear brand. Originating in 1965 and founded by Martin Michaeli. Mephisto was born with the sole intention to create the world’s best and comfiest shoe.
A brand with over 50 years of service under its belt, Mephisto have become a well-known and established brand. They’re celebrated for creating high quality leather shoes with an advanced shoe technology that promotes a durable and comfortable wear.

The Craftsmanship 

Each piece of footwear is handmade and crafted with care and precision. A specialised team of artisan cobblers construct each shoe using age old methods with some styles passing through at least 150 hands to be produced. Mephisito truly take pride in their craftsmanship, they’re driven to produce ‘The World’s Finest Footwear’ and in doing so believe a handmade approach is the only way to achieve this. Not only is their craftsmanship exquisite, but they also only use the finest grade materials to construct their footwear. Whilst maintaining a sustainable approach to production and harvesting.

The Materials and Process 

Mephisto only uses leather in the uppers, linings and insoles of the shoes. This is always full grained European calf, meaning the cows lied within European with excellent husbandry standards in place, a requirement by European rules.
Their tanneries aim is to recycle as much of the chemicals and water used in the process of. Approx. 100 litres of water is used for every square metre of leather. Proudly, the tanneries recycle a minimum of 97% of this water to reuse it and what can’t be reused, is safely and ecologically disposed of to meet European rules.

All soles of the shoes are made from 100% natural rubber, known as Caoutchouc. The raw material is harvested from the rubber tree. The rubber is extracted using a process known as tapping, this doesn’t harm the tree if rubber resources deplete, more trees are planted. Mephisto include the use cork in their sandals and insoles. This is harvested from the bark of the Cork Oak Tree. This particular species of Oak tree is unique, once the bark is harvested this doesn’t kill the tree, like most. Instead, the bark grows back, taking around 10 years for a mature tree. Providing an efficient yet sustainable structure for their harvesting. As time passes and the harvesters work through the forest the bark will have regenerated at the other end in time for harvest.

Mephisto have kept true to their mission to create the world’s finest footwear. Sourcing quality materials, implementing sustainable processes and combined with age old methods to construct the footwear. All these areas have created the level of success and recognition Mephisto has strived to achieve over the last 50+ years.

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