How To Wear Mens Lacoste Tracksuit Bottoms With Style

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Tracksuit bottoms are not traditionally an item of clothing that top the style charts, as they conjure up images of slouchy, shapeless trousers worn for playing sports or lounging around at home. This reputation is vanishing fast, however, as these infamous pants are now enjoying a much more stylish status – especially mens Lacoste tracksuit bottoms.

Fashionable Clothing

Take one look at the fashion catwalks, and it’s plain to see that tracksuit bottoms are gaining attention from prominent designers. Far from being unfashionable and slouchy wear, tracksuit bottoms, such as mens Lacoste tracksuit pants, are designed to look good and are becoming a favourite staple of any style-conscious man’s wardrobe.

The new breed of tracksuit bottoms are made from a variety of fabrics and materials, including wool, silk, jersey, cashmere, mohair or flannel. Rather than being baggy and shapeless, the current trend is for tapered, cuffed style pants. In fact, with some styles of tracksuit bottoms, it’s hard to tell if they’re joggers or normal trousers.

Wearing Tracksuit Bottoms Well

Whether you opt for mens Lacoste tracksuit bottoms or other brands, wearing them well is critical, but it is not as difficult as it first seems.

The new wave of tracksuit bottoms can offer great versatility, especially if you pick a slim-fit style. If you choose a neutral shade, then you increase the possibilities, allowing you to team the pants with a wide range of other colours.

Because of the versatility in styles now available, you can almost wear tracksuit bottoms for any occasion, aside from the usual sporting or casual wear options. Some styles are even so smart that you could get away with wearing them in the office or for slightly more formal occasions.

T-shirts and tracksuit bottoms go hand in hand, so you’ll never get this look wrong. A Lacoste polo top with matching men’s Lacoste tracksuit bottoms makes for an on-trend look that is sure to get the thumbs-up from fellow trendsetters.

If you’re still unsure about wearing joggers outside the house and want to tread with caution, play it safe and stick to neutral or a monotone theme. When you feel confident that this style of gear works well, you can experiment with more vibrant tones.

For a smart-casual style, go for a good-quality slim-fit top and team a tailored pair of tracksuit bottoms with loafers. At all other times, a decent pair of trainers will always marry well with a pair of tracksuit bottoms.

Because tracksuit bottoms are tapered at the bottom, it’s not a good idea to wear them with socks, so leave this footwear safely in your drawer to ensure you nail the look.

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