How To Care For Your Android Homme Trainers This Winter

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Buying a new pair of trainers is one of life’s most fun extravagances, and one that is guaranteed to make us feel good. Whether you opt for a simple classic trainer or the latest designer sneaker, giving them the best care is essential to ensure they last the distance and remain as comfortable as the day you bought them.

Rotate Your Trainers

Although you may live in your favourite pair of trainers, such as those by Android Homme, every now and then you should rotate them with a different pair of shoes from your wardrobe. This will allow the material in your shoes to have a much-deserved break, as constant use can lead to deteriorating shoes.

When you do give your trainers a rest, ensure you store them in a dry, cool place and air them properly rather than throwing them into the bottom of your wardrobe. This will make sure they last longer and are well kept rather than crushed out of shape and creased in your closet. Shoe trees can also keep the shape of your trainers and will protect any shoe or trainer, such as those by Android Homme.

Clean Your Trainers

This is an extremely important step in looking after your trainers this winter, especially if they are a pristine white pair. If your trainers are leather, like the range by Android Homme, simply wipe them using a damp cloth. Refrain from using any chemicals which are not specifically for use on leather, as this will damage the material.

For any other material use a soft bristle brush to clean the midsole and upper of the trainer, which removes the top layer of dust and dirt that has collected. You will need a different brush depending if the shoe is suede or mesh. A damp microfibre towel will allow you to tackle stubborn scuffs and bring the trainer back to looking as good as new.

Cleaning your trainers as soon as they become dirty will avoid the build-up of stubborn dirt and lengthen the lifespan of the shoe.

It is highly recommended that you prepare your shoes before wearing them by using a shoe protector spray. Give them a spray before first use to protect them from dirt, water and stains and to give them a fresh feeling for much longer.

Trainer Maintenance

If you take pride in your meticulously clean trainers, the maintenance of the laces is essential. Keeping white laces in gleaming condition is difficult to achieve, but taking them out of the trainer and washing them once in a while will keep them whiter for longer.

To go that extra mile, use your iron to prevent the laces creasing and to keep them looking fresh. This will give your trainers a sleeker, cleaner look.

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