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Explore the mens Stone Island clothes jumper sale Founded in 1982 in Italy by esteemed fashion designer and garment engineer Massimo Osti, Stone Island very quickly built a strong and much-deserved reputation for producing contemporary menswear with a keen focus on quality and innovation. With both form and functionality at the heart of every garment in this collection, Stone Island prides itself on its offering of wearable menswear in a range of easy to style colours. The founder’s garment engineering background influences everything from the materials chosen for each piece... Read More

How to avoid Stone Island fakes

Stone Island is a very popular brand, whether you are a football fan or enjoy an 80s style; however, it can be difficult to buy authentic products online, especially when there are so many different online retailers to choose from and/or you are a first-time buyer. If you want to make sure that you only buy authentic Stone Island products when you are shopping online, here are a few tips to help you. The price The price may seem like an obvious starting point; however, as there are lots of... Read More

Help your child choose his own Stone Island Junior outfit

It can often become a battle trying to persuade your child to pick a suitable outfit for the day. If your child is vocal about their wardrobe, it is in fact good news – they are growing up. Trying to test limits and assert their independence is a developmental milestone in preschoolers, and getting dressed enables them to put these things into practice. However, every morning does not have to become a showdown. Follow these six tips to help your child choose his own outfit. Provide choice Most 3 to... Read More

What to Know About the Latest Stone Island Collection

Stone Island is a brand synonymous with being at the forefront of fashion, one step ahead in terms of experimentation and function. Owners and employees alike have fostered a culture that embraces research and a willingness to try something new. Since its creation more than 35 years ago in Ravarino, Italy, the sportswear brand has grown and established itself thanks to the terrific vision of Art Director Massimo Osti. Osti was joined in 1983 by Carlo Rivetti, who then bought the other 50% of the business ten years later and... Read More

Stone Island junior age 14 – what every teenager wants

Ask any kids checking out the Stone Island junior age 14 section today what makes clothes cool and you’ll get a hundred different answers. Every teenager is different, has singular drives and moves in a distinctive circle of friends. This makes predicting exactly what they find cool, really difficult. However, you can break it down into a series of influences. Microtrends and no labels One of the most surprising things you’ll learn in the Stone Island junior age 14 section, is that kids are just not that influenced by labels... Read More

Kid’s wardrobe checklist: Stone Island jumper junior and more

Choosing your child’s outfit for the day can be a struggle, particularly if you have more than one little one to dress. The older they get, the more they want a say in what they will wear and the likelihood is that whatever you have chosen will be thrown straight onto the reject pile. So once again, you go back to the packed wardrobe only to find outfits that are too small or ones that have never even been worn. That’s where the idea of simplifying comes in. It allows... Read More

What Makes Classic Italian Style? The Stone Island Junior Age 12 Range

Have you ever dreamt of living in a refined, rustic Tuscan villa or a modern, sophisticated Milan apartment? Borrow the cultured Italian fashion and incorporate some continental design elements into your children’s wardrobe with Stone Island junior age 12 clothing and home décor touches. The Key Components of Italian Design Bring the exotic luxury of Italy inside and recreate a luxurious abode without ever leaving the country, using these classic design tips: Open up Spaces with an Abundance of Light Open up rooms in your home with ample windows, minimal... Read More

Things to know about the Stone Island junior age 14 brand

The successful British streetwear Stone Island brand – often referred to simply as Stoney – has recently started to gain popularity in the United States, even opening a flagship store in LA. Stone Island has been seen on some of the biggest, most iconic names in the urban music industry, and is gaining new fans all the time. Megastar Drake has been seen in the label, pretty much guaranteeing that it’s about to go stellar. Stone Island junior age 14 sizes ensure that teens can wear their favourite label and... Read More

Caring for your Stone Island jumper junior and other quality knitwear

It’s all too easy to neglect your knitwear and end up just throwing it into the washing machine along with everything else. After all, who’s got the time for handwashing every jumper separately? While it might seem like an unnecessary chore in the days of washing machines with wool cycles and extra-gentle laundry detergents, looking after your knitwear correctly can make all the difference. Quality knitwear isn’t as cheap as synthetic products, so it makes sense to look after your investment. It will look better, feel better and last longer... Read More

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Winter Essentials from Designerwear

Snow has arrived this week… Fortunate for those who love them crisp, dark early mornings and rather unfortunate for those who can’t stand the cold! However, designerwear have you covered with our vast winter coat selection from Canada Goose, Stone Island & Pyrenex:   Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber –  £550 With the Chilliwack currently leading the way in an extensive product portfolio from Canada Goose, you can locate it here along with the Canada Goose Carson, Expedition, and Lodge Jackets. Wear it with: Jacob Cohen Comfort Jeans, a Pyrenex Chergui... Read More