Mallett Answers: What Are Sliders And How Do You Wear Them?

“Sliders” take their name from how easily they come on and off your feet. They are backless, which allows you to get them on quickly, and have an open toe. They are also known as “slides” or “slide sandals”. They are a type of sandal, but not all sandals will be sliders. Flip-flops are similar, but with their toe post they would not be classed as sliders. Sliders can be very casual or much smarter – sometimes athletic. The characteristics that make them slides are being backless and having a... Read More

The Birth and Growth of the Tommy Mallett Brand

Not all of us watch The Only Way Is Essex – but all of us buy shoes. That’s why Tommy Mallett is probably more renowned for his fashion business than for his appearances on the popular TV show. He originally starred as a regular on the party scene, but his life quickly took a turn when he invested in a new venture with a friend. Here is how it happened. The image of Essex that most people have in their heads is made up of fake tans, parties, high heels... Read More

How Mallet Footwear Is Changing Men’s Fashion

If you are a man who enjoys quality footwear, it is likely that you have already heard of Tommy Mallet. The reality star used to be best known for starring on The Only Way Is Essex, but now Tommy is carving a new name for himself as a successful fashion designer.   The entrepreneur is now the owner of Mallet footwear, a footwear brand that is already loved by celebrities and the public. The brand began a few years ago, back when Tommy was an avid trainer collector, which isn’t... Read More

The Rising Popularity of Mallet Footwear

You may not have heard of Mallet footwear, but it is very likely that you have seen someone wearing them. They are a popular trainer brand with an interesting background: instead of being created by a renowned fashion designer, they were created by reality TV star Tommy Mallet.   When most people think of reality TV stars, they think of too much fake tan and a strong accent rather than a fashion entrepreneur. Tommy Mallet is smashing down the stereotypes, though, as he has created a fast-growing footwear brand that... Read More

Mallet footwear and Other Holiday Shoes

Squeaky Clean in Sneakers   Trainers have been popular for decades and will continue to be right on trend. Mallet footwear is particularly stylish and a great way to finish off almost any outfit.   There are two trends in the men’s trainer department this season. Firstly, old-school running shoes are back, but with a very welcome update to bring them into the 21st century. We are talking neoprene, mesh and other technical and panelled fabrics, which are now being used in all the traditional sportswear and looking bold and... Read More