Add a Lacoste V neck jumper to your winter wardrobe

Here are a few items to ensure you are well-dressed and warm for any occasion this winter. Any of these pieces can be teamed with a classic Lacoste V neck jumper for a stylish and timeless look that keeps you warm in all weathers. A heavy overcoat This is an essential piece of clothing for any wardrobe. A quality winter coat is an investment that will last you for several years – more if you look after it properly. Choose a dark classic shade such as charcoal, as this will... Read More

Is a Lacoste striped jumper in your winter wardrobe essentials?

Now that the clocks have gone back, summer is well and truly over for another year and we can expect temperatures to start dropping dramatically. If your wardrobe isn’t quite winter ready, here are the essentials everyone needs to keep them feeling warm and looking stylish in the colder months. We recommend investing in a few classic knitwear staples, such as a Lacoste striped jumper, and building several winter looks around this. A warm parka Parkas never go out of style – they are warm, comfortable and perfect for casual... Read More

Move between seasons with a Lacoste gilet and clever layering

Italy and fashion go hand in hand, representing style, luxury and quality. From Italian labels, we expect excellence; from Italian style, we see sprezzatura – effortless élan and style created with ease. It is one thing to emulate Italian style and grace but quite another to adapt these style secrets as we move from warm sunny days to chillier autumn crispness. With a Lacoste gilet and some savvy styling, you will be ready for autumn. Remember layering Layers are key to the dress code of the Italian man. They are... Read More

Working A Grey Lacoste Polo into This Year’s Grey Style Book

Grey is an incredibly versatile colour to have in your wardrobe and one that suits all skin tones, styles and body shapes. While it never goes out of fashion, it does have its moments. And this year we’re seeing a huge resurgence in grey, including the omnipresent grey Lacoste polo. This is a key piece of clothing to have in your collection and one that can be matched with black, whites, browns, navy and other greys too. But just how you incorporate a grey polo is the trick. Let’s take... Read More

5 Fashion Moves for Autumn (Lacoste Long Sleeve Polo Slim Fit)

Autumn is an excellent time for men’s fashion – but if you’re not sure what to wear, we’ve got your back. We have compiled some of the best fashion tips for autumn. From keeping warm in the Lacoste long sleeve polo slim fit shirt to bulking up your clothes, here are five extra fashion moves you can make in autumn. Buy Heavyweight Clothes Cold weather doesn’t mean you have to compromise your normal style. Instead of buying practical clothes that aren’t stylish, simply go for heavyweight versions of the clothes... Read More

How to Dress in an Expensive Way: Lacoste Navy Jumper

Dressing well need not cost the earth, as it is more a matter of style and confidence than specific clothing types. However, certain items of clothing can give the impression of wealth. Dressing in an expensive way is easier than you think, and it is often about choosing classic, understated pieces that don’t date. Classic Appeal High-fashion clothes and items that are trendy can often date quickly. Instead, opting for classic items can look far classier and, in turn, give the confident appearance of relaxed wealth. A subtle look that... Read More

From a blue suit to a blue Lacoste jumper: how to wear blue

From casual clothing to occasion wear, blue is the perfect colour choice due to its versatility. It is a great way to keep your outfit fashionable without going overboard and makes an excellent choice for everything from sportswear to office attire. Here is how you can add blue to your wardrobe with ease. Keeping it casual The obvious choice when it comes to casual shades of blue is blue jeans. With an endless number of outfit possibilities, blue jeans should be a staple item in every man’s wardrobe. Pair them... Read More

Lacoste now has its first female Creative Director in 85 years

As one of the best-known fashion brands in the world, Lacoste has often been in the news throughout its 85-year history. It recently made the news again, when it appointed a female director for the first time in its history. Founded in France in 1933, the brand is well-known for its iconic green crocodile logo, which can be seen on its polo shirts, fragrance bottles and towels. Already one of the most instantly recognisable brands in the world, it is set for a new lease of life, with the new... Read More

Lacoste and Tennis Fashion Through the Ages

Lacoste has long been associated with tennis fashion, but there is no doubt that trends have changed dramatically since Wimbledon started in 1877. At the beginning, men wore plain white trousers and shorts, while women donned hats and corseted full-length dresses, and Lacoste wasn’t even a twinkle in a designer’s eye. It was in the 1930s and 1920s that players, in particular females, started to experiment with outfits. It was around this time that sleeveless tops, shorts and shorter skirts began to appear. Today’s experimentation is more extreme than ever... Read More

How to make sure you’re buying a genuine Lacoste shirt

If you want to make sure that you are buying a genuine Lacoste shirt, and not wasting your hard-earned money on an inferior imitation, there are several signs that you can look out for. The cost is not an indication that the shirt is genuine because, sadly, there are plenty of suppliers out there who are willing to sell fake shirts at inflated prices. Here’s what you should be looking out for. Check out the crocodile logo The official logo is not cartoon-like and is sewn on from the reverse... Read More