How to clean and store cashmere clothing and cheap designer jumpers

Finding a source of cheap designer jumpers can be very satisfying, giving you plenty of stylish options on a budget. However, cashmere, for example, can be tricky to wash and for that reason it can be tempting to avoid giving it a thorough clean. But before you pack it away for the winter, you’ll want to remove any traces of food, dust and dirt that may attract moths while the garment is in storage. When it comes to cashmere and other cheap designer jumpers made from similar fabrics, hand washing... Read More

Successful ways to style men’s designer jumpers

Jumpers aren’t given the credit they deserve. Yes they are a great novelty item at Christmas time, but they can also completely bring an outfit together. From the fit to the style, designer jumpers can act as a great statement piece but it’s knowing when and how to wear them that’s the trick. The basics When looking at the material of your next jumper, stay away from synthetic materials and choose natural fibres such as cotton or even cashmere. Whilst plain textures can be perfect in certain situations, playing with... Read More

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Christmas Gift Guide

    Welcome to our Christmas gift guide especially created by us to help you choose the best gifts for your male relatives, partners and friends. No dodgy gifts this year, we promise! For the brand savvy male, premium designer gear is what it’s all about. A fail safe present this christmas is some new stylish trainers for him to strut into 2016 looking and feeling great. You can’t go wrong with the classics, so take a look at our full range of Adidas Originals with top quality assured by... Read More