The Best Men’s EA7 Tracksuit, Cheap Enough for Any Wardrobe

Whether you are searching for the perfect logo cheap EA7 joggers, stylish EA7 swim shorts or technical performance men’s EA7 tracksuit, the extensive range of menswear at Designerwear has you covered. Originally designed to be worn while playing sport, with their casual and easy comfort, tracksuits have now become more popular than ever as the go-to choice for men’s street wear. Today tracksuits, such as the EA7 tracksuit, are as likely to be worn for their style as for sport. However, with so many options available, what is the best... Read More


EA7 Junior new rage

Casual Boys’ Clothing with a Sporty Edge with EA7 Junior After more than three decades in the fashion world, esteemed Italian designer Giorgio Armani launched EA7, an Emporio Armani diffusion line that seeks to blur the fashion boundaries between leisure and athleticism. The EA7 Junior boys’ range is designed specifically for style-conscious young people aged between 4 and 16 who are looking for a versatile wardrobe filled with pieces that can be worn both casually and as performance-driven sportswear. Designed with both fitness and fun in mind, pieces in the... Read More

The Man Behind EA7 and Its Unbridled Success

EA7 is the sporty side of Emporio Armani, one of the first brands created under the Armani name. It started as a collaboration with Reebok in 2012 and has since blossomed, offering effortless and simple elegance for those in touch with the branded side of their wardrobe. So who is the person behind such a successful brand, and why did it rise in popularity so quickly? Giorgio Armani is not a man to be trifled with. Widely considered to be the most successful designer of Italian heritage, he has built... Read More

Emporio Armani’s Stylish EA7 Luxury Men’s Sports Range

The Emporio Armani EA7 Line EA7 is Emporio Armani’s exclusive luxury men’s sports line. Built for both performance and style, this luxury sporting line is ideal for the modern active man who wants to look good and feel good too. The line focuses on performance and style combined and represents the perfect balance between the technical aspects that sportswear demands and the elegance that those who care about fashion and looking good are always after. This brand aims to highlight the personality of the athlete and proves that looking good... Read More

Swing into Spring with Style and Great Bargains at the ea7 Tracksuit Sale

Now that warmer weather is here, it is time to inject new life into the wardrobe. Shake off some of those thick winter layers and get lighter, more fashionable items into the wardrobe to shake it up. If you are looking for inspiration at great prices, there are plenty of exciting urban options to be found at the ea7 tracksuit sale.   Quality accessories are always a help in pulling an outfit together. When buying leather shoes, choose good leather that is well made can be dressed up or down.... Read More

Top style tips for men – use of the ea7 sweatshirt

Men are becoming more and more interested in fashion thanks to the rise of social media, so if you’re beginning to realise you may need a little help with how to update your personal style, read on for some top tips.   Use colour and prints One way to truly discover your own style is by using colour and prints in the clothes you are wearing to show people your style. However, it is important to get it right. Make sure that you only wear a patterned shirt or t-shirt... Read More

Style guide for men in their twenties – suit or ea7 hoodie?

If you are a man in your twenties, you are likely to still be discovering the fashion styles you like and how you want to look and dress. There are some simple rules that you should follow when it comes to dressing, as well as some key pieces that all men of this age need to have in their wardrobe.   Enjoy what you are wearing and how to follow fashion In today’s world of social media, everything you are wearing can be captured forever and shared with the world... Read More

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2016 Fashion Commandments

A brand new year is upon us and along with the usual resolutions, which are bound to involve joining the gym and vowing to drink less, we believe that there are some clothing habits that we would all benefit from changing or improving. Here are your Designerwear fashion commandments for 2016. Thou Shalt Wear Appropriate Footwear Ensure you style your footwear to your bottoms accordingly. Jeans, chinos, shorts and jogging bottoms often call for different styles of shoes to look good. It’s no good wearing flip flops with jeans! A... Read More

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Party Season Style

The party season is upon us and your social life is about to take a big hit in the name of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Office parties, family gatherings and mates nights all call for some top threads to impress and make you feel confident doing your socialising duties. Take a look at our style tips for some head-to-toe fashion guidance. To accessorize like a pro, tap into the snapback trend for effortless cool at daytime gatherings. Take a look at the collection of baseball cap style hats from... Read More