How to Find High-Quality Cheap Designer Clothes

Designer clothes tend to be of much better quality than high street clothes, but most people struggle to afford the price tag.   Designer clothes definitely don’t come cheap, especially if you are buying jeans, shoes or coats. Thankfully, there are a few ways to get cheap designer clothes – you just need to know where to look.   Here are a few tips to help you find high-quality cheap designer clothes.   Check Out the Designer’s Other Collections   Most designers do a series of collections rather than just... Read More

Why You Should Choose Designer Menswear Over Cheap Clothing

There are lots of benefits to buying quality designer menswear over cheaper high street clothing. They look better, feel better and they last longer – and you feel awesome when you are wearing them!   Despite this, many men avoid buying designer clothing, as they don’t want to waste their money. This is actually a big mistake, as you may end up spending much more money by constantly replacing your high street clothing.   Here are a few reasons why you should choose designer menswear over cheap clothing.   Following... Read More

Shop Smart with Cheap Designer Clothes

How can you protect yourself from over-spending and get the wardrobe you really want? Check out the tips below.   Find the Best Retailers   The very first step to transforming your wardrobe is to find the best retailers selling cheap designer clothes. Identify those which offer the best clothes at the best prices. Take some time to literally shop around and compare prices, quality and choice. Once you have a short list of go-to stores for all the items you need, shopping for new garments or outfits will become... Read More

Investing in Mens Cheap Designer Clothes

When something has been well made, it not only looks good but lasts too. Good design boils down to using the right materials. They need to be fit for purpose, functional and aesthetically pleasing. Designers who really care about the clothes they are making stand out a mile – their creations generally contain all of the above and typically ‘something else’ too. Something which sets them and their clothes apart from the rest.   When choosing mens cheap designer clothes, it is important to select garments which you will wear... Read More

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English Brands We Love

This month we’re taking a look at the great English brands that have moulded our style with their contemporary menswear designs, and inspired us to embrace the latest trends in men’s clothing. Rule Britannia! Peter Werth Launched in London in 1975, Peter Werth began his journey into menswear by specialising in knitwear, before evolving into the unique, sharp clothing creations we see today. The Peter Werth clothing collection at Designerwear showcases an effortless British cool vibe with their sophisticated long sleeve shirts, lightweight bomber jackets and smart, lace up suede... Read More

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The Best Menswear Brand Collaborations

Fashion has combined with music since time began, with catwalk shows turning into live music shows, and designer labels lending clothes to stars for awards shows, to using famous faces to promote their new lines. In design collaborations however, a label or individual not only puts their name to the products, but also has input into the creative process. An excellent marketing strategy or a genuinely exciting design move? Here, we take a look at some of the best menswear brand collaborations. Pharell Williams x Adidas Following his successful Ice... Read More