Armani Jeans

Mens EA7 Tracksuit online

Cut a Stylish Figure with Mens EA7 Tracksuit When it comes to a stylish reputation, tracksuits do not always score highly. But things have changed in recent times. A new breed of tracksuits, such as the mens EA7 tracksuit, has emerged on the scene, fast becoming an essential wardrobe item for every trendsetting man. There are several factors that have contributed to the fashionable rise of the humble tracksuit. For a start, they are no longer baggy and shapeless affairs akin to the shellsuit types of the 1980s. Today’s wave... Read More

How to recognise genuine Armani jeans

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a fashionista at times. They can walk down the street and easily spot that girl wearing the Ugg boots that look suspiciously fake, the Docs that look a little too shiny to be leather, the knock-off Rolex. But some fashion items can be harder to tell apart from their false counterparts, especially jeans, and more specifically, Armani jeans. Highly in demand, this item has spawned many knock-off versions. Avoid getting duped in the search for a high quality pair of jeans with these... Read More

Armani releases details of new vision for Armani Jeans

The Giorgio Armani brands may soon be getting a makeover, as the company looks to move forward with its businesses. The fashion designer recently announced that it is launching a new brand strategy in an attempt to create a more effective business plan. Armani revealed the changes at the recent Emporio Armani show and explained that the Armani Collezioni and Armani Jeans labels will no longer be treated as separate brand names. The two lines will be absorbed into the Armani main labels Emporio Armani, AX Armani Exchange and Giorgio... Read More

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Men’s Wardrobe Essentials for Your 20’s

In your 20’s life it beginning to take shape; maybe you’re figuring out relationships, have begun a career and have flown the nest, all changes are hopefully pointing in one direction – up. You’ve probably established your style by this point, or perhaps you’re still enjoying experimenting with different looks to suit your personality. In this post we’ll explore some wardrobe essentials that will take you from 20 – 30 in style. Designer Trainers Shoes come and go but a pair of reliable designer trainers can last season after season... Read More

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Department Focus: Footwear

A pair of designer shoes is sometimes all it takes to take an outfit from drab to fab in the most simple, yet effective way. At Designerwear we have an impressive collection of different types of footwear to suit all occasions and outfits. Classic lo-top trainers are an essential in any man’s footwear collection due to their lasting style, wearability and comfort. For a pop of colour, activewear brands Onisuka Tiger and New Balance have encompassed contrasting colours with the traditional sports style sneaker, while those who enjoy the crisp... Read More

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Summer Style Essentials

Welcome to summer at Designerwear! We enjoy providing our customers with fantastic clothing options all year round, with premium brands offering high quality items that you can rely on, season after season. For the summer season, light fabrics, unique designs and an importance on accessories are all key. Prepare for summer getaways and the warm weather in style with us. Dive in at the deep end with vibrant colours and tropical patterns which play on the summer theme perfectly and allows for ideal statement making opportunities. Short sleeves keep you... Read More

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2016 Fashion Commandments

A brand new year is upon us and along with the usual resolutions, which are bound to involve joining the gym and vowing to drink less, we believe that there are some clothing habits that we would all benefit from changing or improving. Here are your Designerwear fashion commandments for 2016. Thou Shalt Wear Appropriate Footwear Ensure you style your footwear to your bottoms accordingly. Jeans, chinos, shorts and jogging bottoms often call for different styles of shoes to look good. It’s no good wearing flip flops with jeans! A... Read More

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Christmas Gift Guide

    Welcome to our Christmas gift guide especially created by us to help you choose the best gifts for your male relatives, partners and friends. No dodgy gifts this year, we promise! For the brand savvy male, premium designer gear is what it’s all about. A fail safe present this christmas is some new stylish trainers for him to strut into 2016 looking and feeling great. You can’t go wrong with the classics, so take a look at our full range of Adidas Originals with top quality assured by... Read More

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Party Season Style

The party season is upon us and your social life is about to take a big hit in the name of Christmas and New Year celebrations. Office parties, family gatherings and mates nights all call for some top threads to impress and make you feel confident doing your socialising duties. Take a look at our style tips for some head-to-toe fashion guidance. To accessorize like a pro, tap into the snapback trend for effortless cool at daytime gatherings. Take a look at the collection of baseball cap style hats from... Read More