Top choices for teens from CP Company undersixteen collection

When you browse CP Company undersixteen collection, it is hard to believe that this brand, which appears so progressive, is actually well over 40 years old.

In fact, the CP Company name was first established back in the mid 1970s by iconic designer, Massimo Osti. With a surging interest in the style of clothing worn by the Japanese military, especially their protective hoods, this sparked inspiration for the beginnings of Massimo’s own clothing brand with a military theme.

However, you do not need to be a fan of army style clothing to take a shine to the CP Company brand. Indeed, there is more to this label than meets the eye. In particular, with a focus on function and use, the CP Company undersixteen collection will appeal to any fashion-conscious trendsetter who likes to look the part, while feeling comfortable at the same time.

Innovation is also a key feature of this forward-thinking fashion label, where research and design takes centre stage. The brand designers scour the globe to source new materials and are never afraid to experiment to create pioneering manufacturing methods. CP Company also prides itself on using cutting-edge dye and print processes that elevates it to a highly unique status in the fashion industry.

Having produced over 40,000 products during the brand’s long-lasting career, there is something to suit the tastes of every trendsetting male. As you might expect from the name, the CP Company undersixteen collection caters for boys and teens, with plenty of options to kit out the wardrobes of every fashion fussy youngster.

In particular, this sought-after brand is widely recognised for its unique style of goggle hood, inspired by military designs. A goggle jacket makes a super addition to any boy’s wardrobe, and it will get plenty of use at any time of the year. It also teams well with other items of clothing, such as jeans or shorts, and can be worn over a winter coat to provide added protection when the weather gets colder. Handy features such as ribbed cuffs and a full zip also ensure a comfortable fit, while roomy zipped pockets are perfect for storing essentials such as a phone or wallet. The jackets come in an impressive range of colours, so there is bound to be a shade that suits the taste of every young man. When the weather gets colder, the quilted goggle soft shell jackets will be just the trick for keeping the chills at bay, and are sure to gain admiring glances from other teens.

When shopping for CP Company undersixteen online, DesignerWear is the place to be. We feature a wide range of polo shirts in classic tones that are highly likely to appeal to any youngster. The beauty of these is that they offer great versatility and can be teamed with the brand’s jogging pants or shorts for a casual and comfy look. Even better, the high quality materials used to make the polo shirts and the two-button placket with logo also lend an air of sophistication, making them perfect for those situations where you might need to dress a little more formally.

Most young boys are big on wearing fashion items that showcase the latest must-have labels, and CP Company undersixteen is no exception. With t-shirts boasting the brand’s name, kids will feel bang on trend when wearing these items. Not only can they be mixed and matched with shorts or trousers, but the t-shirts offer a stylish and comfortable fit and are available in a wide range of colours.

When the weather turns a bit chillier, this brand will not disappoint those who still want to look good without feeling cold. The brand offers an impressive collection of sweatshirts and hoodies that are sure to get worn time and again. Catering for every taste, young boys can choose between those with or without zips, or logos on the front.

It is fair to say that jogging pants are a staple of most boys’ wardrobes, but there is a fine line between appearing stylish whilst wearing these pants and getting the look all wrong. Fortunately, the range offers jogging pants that firmly sit in the stylish zone, so there is no need to worry about making any fashion errors with this label in tow. The pants are made from quality materials, with cuffed ankles.

The beauty of opting for the CP Company undersixteen range is that you can be assured of tantrum-free shopping from youngsters, from a label that means business when it comes to style and quality. With so many versatile options to choose from to wear throughout the year, why not add this progressive brand to the wardrobe of any trendsetting boy?

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