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It is widely accepted across the globe that jeans are one of the most important and invaluable wardrobe staples that you can own. Their durability, versatility and range of styles and fits make them a timeless and practical choice for everyday wear, for workwear, and for everything in between. Such is the appeal of the humble jean that there is even a recognised National Denim Day, with the vast majority of its supporters hailing jeans as their favourite item of denim clothing. You can buy into this timeless trend by getting hold of some Tramarossa jeans online.

It is thought that the first pair of jeans was invented by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss in 1873; since then, denim and jeans have evolved into a vast range of styles. Once upon a time, jeans were likely to be spotted being worn by factory hands, cowboys and those in manual jobs due to their durable and protective nature; however, they gradually worked their way into mainstream fashion and the vast majority of high street chains and major fashion houses now stock their own range of denim jeans. Here at Designerwear, we are proud to stock a full range of Tramarossa jeans. This is a brand famous for merging the functionality of denim with luxury and class, but what is so special about the Tramarossa range?

Tramarossa was founded in 1967, when jeans were hugely popular but in a casual and workwear sense rather than being regarded as formal wear. Italian designer Chemello Urban had the idea of combining his expertise in tailoring with the popularity of denim, which is how the Tramarossa brand was born. In a further attempt to break the mould when it came to denim design, Urban opted to use selvedge denim, which originally came from Japan. The trademark look of this type of denim was its red stitching, which is a sign that the denim is self-finished and won’t fray or unravel. Today, the red denim stitching is a hallmark of the brand and remains a sign of its quality and rich heritage along with providing a pretty stylish finishing touch.

Tramarossa really comes into its own when you consider its unique personalisation option. Buyers can order custom-made jeans that come with their initials either stitched into the pockets, embossed onto silver buttons, or on the printed leather pocket patch. Personalisation is becoming a popular choice in the modern world. Each person wants to be their own brand and showcase their personality through their fashion choices, with Tramarossa enabling you to do this in a subtle, stylish and classy way.

When you combine this personal touch with the sumptuous, perfumed red bag that the order is delivered in, you have yourself a pretty impressive gift for a loved one – or yourself! We will even throw in a complimentary sewing kit for any alterations. It is these additional touches that push Tramarossa into the realms of luxury whilst still offering a functional, everyday product.

Is there substance behind all this style? The short answer is ‘yes’. Tramarossa jeans are designer jeans that are crafted to flatter all shapes and sizes. Looking back to its founder’s roots in tailoring, the slim and regular fits within the brand are designed to match your exact measurements. The new 24.7 stretch denim uses advanced memory foam that offers comfort, flexibility and durability. Therein lies their ultimate selling point – quality and comfort combined.

When it comes to colour, you will be spoilt for choice within the Tramarossa range. From black jeans smart enough to wear with a suit jacket and tie to distressed denim and everything in between, you will be sure to find the right shade of denim whether you are planning a summer wedding or an afternoon stroll in the park. The scope really is endless and even includes chino denim shorts, which are the ultimate holiday essential.

You can currently buy Tramarossa jeans online for a bargain price as our sale continues. We are pleased to offer a range of shipping options; what’s more, you can return them within 14 days of purchase in the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with your purchase. We recommend that you wash your jeans inside out to preserve the quality and colouring and take care never to put them through a tumble dryer.

What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to snap up a pair of Tramarossa jeans at a bargain price. These will be a lifetime investment and quite possibly the most beautiful pair of jeans you have ever owned.

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