Mason Garments online

When you buy Mason Garments online, you are putting your best foot forward. A high-end footwear label that offers the best of the best in luxury casual footwear, Mason Garments was established in 2012 and has gone from strength to strength. The brand’s signature look and sleek simplicity is the epitome of class, with every shoe making a subtle yet powerful statement.

The brainchild of designer Rendi Adita, Mason Garments sneakers are unique and eye-catching, promising not only the ultimate in style but also in comfort. All Mason Garments footwear is manufactured in Italy and designed in Amsterdam, so it incorporates two very different European cultural influences. This footwear has the decidedly cool factor of Amsterdam combined with the classic feel of Italy and the quality that Italian goods are renowned for.

Mason Garments online rage of footwear is the ideal addition to any man’s wardrobe, as these sneakers can take you from casual to semi-formal with ease. Available in a wide range of colours – from the standard neutral grey, black and white to more vivid options such as bright blue and orange and more muted pastel tones – these sneakers are designed to fit in with every modern man’s look. You can choose the sneakers that best suit your style or you can switch it up and opt for a brighter, bolder look to complement a more muted approach. The classic neutral shades are great for everyday wear and can add a little something extra to a plain, classic outfit.

The sneakers are all made from quality materials and exude an air of luxury. The finest Italian full-grain calf leather from the best tanneries is used, while the upper of each shoe is based on the cup sole manufactured by Margom, an Italian-based sole manufacturer. During the construction process, each shoe’s insole and lining are sewn straight onto the upper to create a single piece. This innovative technique, which is called Sachetto, results in an inner shoe that looks like a moccasin but is made of lining leather. Sachetto ensures that all Mason Garments sneakers offer a fantastic fit and are a flexible yet functional work of art. The use of the Sachetto technique adds to the comfort factor, making Mason Garments sneakers both aesthetically appealing and highly desirable for anyone who spends time on their feet and still wants to look good.

All Mason Garments online products have been designed to provide the wearer with an elegant experience; what’s more, this luxury lifestyle brand has a very strong ethos. Rendi Adita grew up in the 1990s watching his mother and his elder brother don high-end garments from prominent designers and he became interested not only in how these upscale brands made the wearer feel but also in where they came from. Adita says that he experienced an unforgettable feeling of wearing luxury items and wanted to put his own stamp on a range of footwear that reflected his own style and personal interests. Over time, he not only found the partners he needed to bring his vision to life but also moulded his ideas into footwear that would change the way we view sneakers forever.

Our wide range of Mason Garments sneakers perfectly illustrates how Rendi’s vision has come to fruition and how he has managed to create a quality product that will fit seamlessly in every stylish man’s wardrobe by pairing up with Italian manufacturers.

The name of this footwear brand also has interesting origins. ‘Mason’ refers to the Masonic ideology of being encircled by others who are productive and strive for success, even if they are not in the same field. The brand’s team members come from different backgrounds but share a common vision and collective creative goal.

Mason Garments online started with a dream and a desire to build a luxury brand that enabled others to feel just how great quality could be. This dream led Adita to Italy, as the country is famous for fine craftsmanship traditions and quality manufacturing processes. Italy has been the source of countless masterpieces; in the fashion world, anything that comes from this country is automatically afforded extra prestige, and for good reason. When you buy Mason Garments sneakers online, you will be buying a small piece of a realised dream that has been expertly put together by the finest shoemakers in the world using some of the best materials.

If you are looking for quality footwear or want to give your current sneakers an overhaul, check out our amazing range of Mason Garments sneakers. Browse our full range today and find the pair that best suits you.

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