Exploring the mens designer t shirts sale

As summer draws to a close, it’s a natural point for stylish men everywhere to be looking ahead to their next season look. T shirts are the perfect transitional pieces for all wardrobes and these hardworking staples can be used as a foundation garment for all looks and situations. Naturally, they work perfectly for off-duty leisurewear, they can be dressed up for a night out or a special occasion, and with today’s growth in more flexible, creative working environments, t shirts can also be styled to work for more formal and work-based contexts. So why buy from the mens designer t shirts sale?

The importance of quality wardrobe foundations

Some people view t shirts as being basic items that can be ‘cheap and cheerful’, but the old adage about ‘buying cheap and buying twice’ definitely holds true. Low-cost t shirts have a disposable quality which doesn’t fit well with most conscious modern buyers and their quest for sustainability. A cheap t shirt will be made from thin cotton which simply looks scruffy. The thinner material and lower-quality cotton will crease and often be see-through, failing to hold its shape or structure. There is certainly a place for this type of clothing, but it isn’t in a hard-working wardrobe, designed to look good!

On the other hand, when you buy a quality designer t shirt, you are paying for more than the logo on the front. Yes, of course, you get to display your fashion sense and style credentials with the branding, but the material itself will be of better quality. Expect to find 100%, thicker cotton, which may be combined with a man-made fibre for stretch and fit, or it may be made from organic cotton for sustainability and eco-credentials. Expect, too, to see the difference in the cut; with a longer length, more generous sleeves, better fitting neck and finishing details such as correctly-finished seams and durability.

A designer t shirt will inevitably look better, from the fabric quality, cut and fit, through to the stylish finish and the choice of brand. If you want to look good without effort, a little investment in a high-end product will certainly pay off. And, when you shop the end of season discounts, you get the best of all worlds – quality and affordable prices! With this in mind, let’s dive into the best offerings from the mens designer t shirts sale.

Here are three designer t shirt brands in the sale which are well worth investigating.

Boss T-shirts

This world-famous German brand combines modern luxury and classic style for strong, contemporary looks for men who love to look stylish at all times. The neutral range of Boss t shirts bear the logo to the front and are made from top-quality cotton, with tonal stitching, a round neck and classic fit. They offer a neutral shade and discreet white relief logo for a highly versatile piece. Wear your chosen black, white or beige t shirt with smart dark jeans and throw a blazer over the top for a meeting, or style it with summer shorts for a warm Autumn day.

Z Zegna

The spin-off casual brand of Ermenegildo Zegna offers some fantastic t shirts which can easily flex between sports and casual daywear opportunities. The white versions are currently available with grey, pink and blue logo variations to the front. Again, the brand’s eye for detail is evident, but with a casual finish that includes tonal stitching, a crew neck collar, short sleeves and a bold design to the chest. Made entirely from cotton, this range would work with tracksuits, casual trousers or jeans or shorts. Look out for the rubber neck branding on the reverse for a sign of a great designer t shirt.


This sports brand makes fantastic sports styled leisurewear and we have some fantastic Italian styled t shirts from the Kappa vintage revival line. Embrace old-school, classic styling with these t shirts which work with the brand’s joggers, zipped track tops and other items from the leisure range. There are t shirts in red, black and white which are made from 100% quality cotton and which have a slightly higher crew neck collar in a rib finish, combined with tonal stitching and a chest logo. Look out too for the Kappa logo on the reverse and the side tape logos. These will look great taking you to and from the gym or sports field, and they are certainly eye-catching and stylish. Save them for your off-duty wardrobe and look great as you enjoy your active lifestyle.

Which t shirts will you be tempted to buy from the sale? Freshen up your wardrobe, add some new looks and colourways and be prepared to enjoy your most stylish season yet.

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