Buying Cheap Designer Clothes

If you’re tempted to buy some cheap designer clothes but aren’t sure where to start, you’ve come to the right place. This article will help you get the best value for money and price-per-wear from any designer bargains you pick up. There are a few simple rules you can follow in order to help you buy wisely. Read on to find out more.

Pick Timeless Pieces

It goes without saying that a lot of this season’s hottest trends will not be looking quite so hot next season. Items that are very on-trend and of the moment don’t tend to age all that well, so it’s best to avoid anything that is too current if you want to get a lot of wear out of it. Of course, if you see a piece you love at a bargain price, you should snap it up and wear it to death, but if you are looking for something that will stand the test of time, opt for more classic designs. Items which never really go out of fashion include the following:

Polo Shirts

A good polo shirt is flattering on any age, shape or size, so if you find designer pieces at a good price, don’t hesitate to buy them up. When it comes to colours, anything in a neutral or muted tone is good – think grey, navy, white or black. Polo shirts are versatile and extremely wearable. They can be worn in the summer with shorts or denim cut-offs or with jeans or tailored shorts or under other layers during the colder months.

A Good Jumper

A classic jumper in natural fibres is always in style. Whether you prefer lightweight knits or bulkier knits, choose a good colour that suits you and you should get several years of wear out of your jumper if you look after it properly. This includes following the washing instructions closely and drying it flat if specified on the label in order to help it keep its shape.

Classic-Cut Jeans

Jean styles do change over the seasons, but rarely too drastically. While super-skinny jeans might not stay in fashion for too much longer, a classic slim-cut or straight-cut jean will always be in style. If you find a reduced pair of designer jeans in your size and preferred style, snap them up. Jeans can last for years if looked after, thanks to the hard-wearing denim construction.

Winter Coat

Many people believe that the two items you should never scrimp on are a good winter coat and your shoes. Both of these pieces are likely to be among the most expensive items in your wardrobe, and both will see an awful lot of wear, so it makes sense that you should splurge here. A stylish, warm and classically cut winter coat will last several years. Most coats will need dry-cleaning, so aim to have your coat cleaned towards the start and end of each winter to keep it looking its best.

Formal Shoes

A good pair of formal shoes is a must for every wardrobe and will see you through many important life events. If you find a bargain pair in your size and in a timeless design, be sure to buy them before somebody else does. Rather than storing them chucked on the floor of your wardrobe with your muddy trainers, keep them in a separate box and give them a regular polish to keep the leather looking healthy and new. If you make a real investment in a pair of shoes, don’t forget that you’ll be able to have them re-soled by a cobbler when they start to show signs of wear and tear.

Take Careful Measurements

If you’re buying cheap designer clothes online, it’s vital you have a list of your measurements. While it’s usually pretty easy to return unwanted purchases, it can be disappointing to order something you love only to find it is completely the wrong shape and fit for you. Taking detailed measurements – get someone to help you if you’re struggling on your own – is a great way to give yourself the best possible chance of success when shopping online. All you’ll need is a fabric tape measure and a pen and paper. The main measurements you’ll need are: neck, chest, waist and inside leg length. Of course, you might not need all of these depending on what you’re ordering. Keep your measurements somewhere handy so you can check them against the measurements of different brands whenever you’re shopping online. And don’t forget that sizes can vary drastically between brands, so always check the sizing chart before ordering anything.

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