Essential designer mens wear

Step fresh into spring with essential designer mens wear

Investing in designer mens wear is a move that will pay off in many ways, with dressing appropriately – whether for a drinks party or a high-level presentation – fundamental to success. Spring is the time to embrace the warmer weather to come and shake off the heavy clothing of winter, but you need to be prepared for a range of temperatures and climatic conditions to remain stylish and comfortable.

A well-cut overshirt in a quality fabric with smart detailing could be your best friend throughout spring, especially if you are going to outdoor events. Structured to be roomy, an overshirt can be layered over other items when it is still a bit chilly or worn under an overcoat if the mercury plummets. This hardworking garment could be a flexible staple of your spring wardrobe, so choose one from our designer menswear range to look classy and give the rest of your outfit a lift.

T-shirts never go out of style; for example. A classic white T-shirt can be layered under shirts or jackets and crisply but casually inject some spring freshness; however, not just any old white T-shirt will do. To do its job, this T-shirt needs to fit really well and the sleeves should be an optimum length, hitting around halfway between your elbow and your shoulder. Although this is a simple garment, quality really counts when it comes to a long-lasting T-shirt, so look at what is available in designer menswear and choose one that has a great finish and is constructed from a premium fabric.

A knitted polo shirt is another item that is comfortable and smart and can see you through a number of social engagements, with the right polo shirt exuding classic flair of the French Riviera variety. As with choosing a T-shirt, quality is incredibly important. The polo shirt must be cut well, feature superb attention to detail on the buttons and collar, and be made from a fabric that announces sophistication but is not trying too hard. Most mens wear designer ranges offer some great polo shirts in fashionable colours that will inject some chic into your spring look. The long-sleeved variety is inherently more versatile and can be worn under jackets or the overshirt you just bought.

Most men have a pair of chinos in their wardrobe, but they may not be the right ones! Not all chinos are created equal, which is why plenty of men will be wandering through spring in sad, baggy trousers that do nothing for them when they could be sauntering around in well-tailored chinos that always look the part. Again, the difference is in the details. Always choose chinos that are finished well and made from excellent fabric. Choose pared-down styles without too many fussy pockets or trims and aim for a shape that follows your body and ends with a neat flourish at the ankles. There are plenty of cheap chinos out there, but it is worth looking at the designer menswear range and investing in a pair that will be a wardrobe staple and can always be relied on to look good.

Once the shirts and the trousers are sorted, you still need something to go over the top, especially for those smart casual events where you need to look well-dressed but not as if you are trying too hard. This is where the unstructured blazer can do a lot of the hard work for you. The unstructured blazer is a bit softer for men who might feel hemmed in by anything too rigidly tailored but still looks like you are taking care with your appearance. A great unstructured blazer is incredibly versatile and can be paired with those great chinos you just bought or worn over a T-shirt or a polo shirt. For a more smartly casual look, pair this type of blazer with jeans.

Jeans are another key piece of any man’s wardrobe and can look fantastic when you have the right pair. It is really important that you figure out what style suits you and then stick with this. For spring, a pair of jeans in mid-wash denim can look lighter, especially if paired with a great white T-shirt or a polo shirt. When it comes to jeans, it is always better to have one pair that you can rely on to look amazing rather than half a dozen pairs that look OK but don’t really do you any favours. When you select designer menswear jeans, you get the benefits of quality fabric and exceptional cut and detailing. When combined, these can make a huge difference to your final outfit.

We have some wonderfully versatile pieces in our designer menswear range, so why not look around and see what appeals? A few quality garments could make all the difference to your wardrobe and make this your most debonair spring yet.

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