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Cut a Stylish Figure with Mens EA7 Tracksuit

When it comes to a stylish reputation, tracksuits do not always score highly. But things have changed in recent times. A new breed of tracksuits, such as the mens EA7 tracksuit, has emerged on the scene, fast becoming an essential wardrobe item for every trendsetting man.

There are several factors that have contributed to the fashionable rise of the humble tracksuit. For a start, they are no longer baggy and shapeless affairs akin to the shellsuit types of the 1980s. Today’s wave of tracksuits do not come with fabric billowing around the legs but are instead slimmer, tapering towards the ankle.

While tracksuits of yesteryear were something to joke about, current varieties, such as the mens EA7 tracksuit, are sought after by those who know a thing or two about fashionable styling. Celebrities of every calibre are choosing to be seen out and about wearing a tracksuit, and musicians DJ Khaled and Pharrell have even rocked a tracksuit at red carpet events.

Another reason the tracksuit has been making a comeback is that respected fashion labels are turning their attentions to this item of clothing. Take EA7, for instance. This brand, related to Italian fashion label Giorgio Armani, has recently been making a name for itself by creating full tracksuits. With the Armani connection, it is inevitable you can expect good things from the mens EA7 tracksuit, where detail, quality and style are inherent in abundance.

As it’s a branch of the Armani label, you might wonder what EA7 is all about. EA are the initials of Emporio Armani, and the number seven represents Giorgio Armani’s passion for AC Milan. His pal Andrily Shevchenko wore the number seven shirt when he played for the famous club.

In terms of what EA7 means in the fashion sense, it represents all things sports and casual but with quality firmly placed at the top of the agenda.

The rise of athleisure has also made the tracksuit become an everyday item of wear, whether you consider yourself sporty or not. It can be worn for shopping trips, casual dining and meeting up with friends, as well as going to the gym.

Indeed, the EA7 tracksuit for men can be worn for a multitude of occasions, making it a must-have item of clothing for any man’s wardrobe. The pants can be worn with a polo shirt for days when the weather is warm or teamed with a hoodie when it gets a bit cooler.

Offering superior levels of comfort, the mens EA7 tracksuit is the ideal garment to wear if you are travelling on holiday. If you are heading overseas to warmer climes, then do not forget to pack a pair of EA7 swim shorts into your suitcase as well.

What makes the EA7 tracksuit excel is that it comes in a range of neutral colours that are sure to work really well with the rest of your wardrobe. Indeed, if you are new to wearing tracksuits, or you feel a bit wary about being seen in one outside of the gym, you will find the EA7 brand makes for a great and stylish introduction to this type of clothing.

The beauty of wearing an EA7 tracksuit is that it offers great value for money. Because cheap EA7 joggers will soon prove to be highly versatile and a much-used item in your wardrobe, they make for a great investment. When choosing a tracksuit, it therefore makes good sense to pick a brand that you trust and you know has been made from quality materials. This ensures the item of clothing will stand the test of time and will not be subject to any fickle fashion trends.

It is easy to team your EA7 tracksuit with a slimline hoodie, zipped top, t-shirt, long-sleeved top or even a gillet, but most men might wonder what they can get away with wearing on their feet with this attire.

Trainers, plimsolls and pumps always work well with a tracksuit, but you do not have to just restrict yourself to these when wearing this item of clothing. If you opt for a stylish cut that is tapered at the ankle, such as the EA7 tracksuit, you can even wear canvas shoes, loafers and flip-flops with this style and still rock the look.

Whether you are looking to update your wardrobe this summer or want some of the latest casual wear that offers bags of style, you cannot go too far wrong with the EA7 label. With affordable tracksuits for men that are likely to fly off the shelves, this brand is one to be seen in over the coming months. Why not get your wardrobe into gear with the EA7 tracksuit? While you are at it, why not also take a look at the other fashionable items from this label, including hoodies, swim shorts, baseball caps, tops and footwear?

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