Emporio Armani tracksuit

An Emporio Armani tracksuit will become a key athleisure piece.

Wherever you look these days, athleisure or activewear is there. It’s a huge trend and one that does not look like it’s going anywhere, and it seems to grow in popularity day by day. Today, “athleisure” has become such a popular term that it has been adopted into the popular lexicon and is listed in the Merriam-Webster English dictionary, where it is described as casual clothing that can be worn to exercise in but also for general wear. That is where we see it more and more, and you are more likely to see an Emporio Armani tracksuit on the high street than you are in the gym.

Giorgio Armani is a powerhouse of the fashion world and a name that is synonymous with style and sophistication. The EA7 collection offers consumers and fashion conscious individuals the chance to wear something very contemporary, with all the Italian style and attention to detail that you would expect from a leading fashion house. Finding a cheap mens Armani tracksuit is a challenge, but here at Designer Wear, we aim to offer you various options to suit all budgets.

The Emporio Armani tracksuit, or specifically the EA7 tracksuit, is a wonderful item of clothing designed to be worn outside, and with the same quality and attention to event the smallest detail that you would expect from the Armani name. It is so popular today that this style of clothing is visible on every high street. Across the pond in the US, pollsters, NPD Group, have estimated that the athleisure trend is worth in the region on $44bn, in just the US alone, so globally, there is a huge opportunity for established brands like Emporio Armani to capitalise on their brand name and drive additional sales.

A more relaxed office culture also helps sales of athleisure, and it seems there has been little change to people’s appetite for the trend, amongst those that have a passion for it (we’re thinking comfy trainers with everything!). Many businesses are beginning to relax their dress codes, even if only for a day a week, and the increased awareness of health issues and being comfortable means that company cultures are changing. Wearing trainers and sweatshirts, with other athleisure items, is much more acceptable today. Gone are the days when people spent a huge amount of their disposable income on material things, with millennials preferring instead to spend their hard-earned cash on experiences and making memories. Wearing casual clothes makes spontaneous experiences more possible.

The Emporio Armani tracksuit range covers tops and bottoms, including sweatshirts and hoodies, jogging bottoms and polo shirts. EA7 launched 15 years ago in 2004, with the goal of appealing to a younger man and someone who wanted to adopt performance sportwear into their ‘everyday’ wardrobe. The marketing and branding team has millennial males as its key target audience, and imagery and copy reflects that.

The EA7 range is extremely comfortable and adds extra Italian luxury that brings classic sportswear right up to date, and indeed it seems that millennials are driving this popularity. We know that they are extremely health conscious and their choices over diet and lifestyle seem to drive their clothing choices too. Sweat pants are no longer just for the gym or for a specific activity like a hike, but instead, they can be worn all day every day. This age group and demographic loves to spend their money on experiences, though quality is important to them.

Contemporary influencers like Kanye West are collaborating with brands, and with supermarket clothing ranges entering the field too, prices are beginning to lower, and at the same time, improvements to the technology of fabrics makes for better performance from the pieces.

Above all, the EA7 pieces are all well designed and thought out with keen attention to detail. Everything has been considered. Only the very best fabrics are used, with bold colours and the all-important logo that lets you, and everyone else, know that the piece is EA7 by Emporio Armani. Each piece is carefully cut and measured, with pockets where appropriate. The materials are all carefully tested to ensure they maintain their shape and appearance through wearing and washing. The focus all the way through it all, from the very first concept right through to having the tracksuits and other pieces on the rails in shops, is on premium, quality modern sportswear encompassing modern trends with an athletic twist. Complement the EA7 tracksuit with other pieces from the range such as trainers, t-shirts and even accessories and pull off a definitive look.

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