The Emporio Armani EA7 Tracksuit

The EA7 collection is Emporio Armani’s flagship leisure and sportswear sub-range. Developed in collaboration with Reebok and inspired by the success of Ukrainian footballer Andriy Shevchenko, who famously wore the number seven shirt for AC Milan, this line of high-end sportswear incorporates the astute and clean design principles of Emporio Armani with the durability, functionality and innovation of Reebok sportswear. Designed to be both comfortable and stylish as well as aid performance, EA7 is the ultimate in design-led sportswear. EA7 items are regularly seen on celebrities such as Nadal and Ronaldo, as well as less sporty but equally stylish names such as Megan Fox and Rhianna. The mens range includes a number of t-shirts, hoodies, tracksuits and joggers as well as jackets, bags, hats, swimwear, beach footwear and trainers. For men that want to look good wherever they are but also demand the best in comfort, high-quality materials and exceptional fit, even in the sporting arena, EA7 is the label of choice. EA7 is one of the world’s highest-quality sportswear ranges thanks to flattering fits, undeniable style, authentic celebrity endorsement and day-to-day comfort.

The Emporio Armani EA7 Tracksuit Collection
An EA7 tracksuit is the fastest and easiest way to look good whilst you work out. As well as looking good, EA7 tracksuits also offer exceptional comfort and a stunning fit. Whether you prefer to run, cycle, play team sports or simply hit the gym in your quest to stay fit and healthy, the EA7 tracksuit options all offer durability, comfort, breathability and precision styling. All EA7 tracksuits come with a pair of slim-fit jog pants and a zip-up track top, with or without a hood and with elasticated cuffs. Colours in the range include grey, blue and black. Some of the hooded tracksuits feature contrast block patterns down the arms and legs, whilst the funnel-collared tracksuits and some hooded options have a simple yet subtle EA7 logo on the chest. Look no further for a wide range of cheap mens Armani tracksuit options, most notably these tracksuits from the EA7 collection.

When and How to Wear the Emporio Armani EA7 Tracksuit
The EA7 tracksuit options are designed for all occasions, but especially sport, recreation and leisure. That means you can team an EA7 tracksuit with your favourite trainers as you hit the gym or the sports field, or indeed for a day on the streets shopping, going to college or hanging out with friends. These tracksuits look pitch-perfect when teamed with an EA7 t-shirt or indeed any sports tee that has been designed for fitness. The EA7 tracksuits are tapered at the arms and legs and look best teamed with a pair of on-trend running shoes or trainers. How about a pair of EA7 trainers? Whether you’re already fanatical about fitness or simply need an incentive to get started, the stunning EA7 range has already got many a man off to a great sporting start.

The Armani Story
Giorgio Armani founded his fashion house, Armani, in 1975. He remains one of the most influential clothing designers of all time. The Armani design label quickly built a name for exclusive haute couture, refined elegance, minimalism, comfort, excellent fabrics, Italian manufacturing principles and, above all, the idea that you can look good without shouting it from the rooftops. In the early 1980s Armani launched the Emporio Armani line, a ready-to-wear collection aimed at those looking for designer style at more affordable prices than classic haute couture. In recent years Emporio Armani has merged with the very popular Armani Jeans range to become of the world’s most popular ready-to-wear designer labels for every man. The sporty EA7 range was launched in 2012, when Armani saw the gap in the market for a high-end athletic range. It has proved hugely successful and has become one of the pinnacles of not just the Emporio Armani collection but of the entire Armani design house.

How to Buy an EA7 Tracksuit for Less
Don’t want to pay the full RRP for an EA7 tracksuit? Look no further, as you’ll find a range of discounted tracksuits right here at Our regular end-of-season and mid-season sales also frequently stock EA7 items, including t-shirts, tracksuits, shoes and jackets. Want to get off the sofa and get fit but want to look good whilst you do it? Browse though our extensive range of EA7 sports and leisurewear for men today. You will also find an excellent discounted collection of Armani Jeans as well as Junior Armani clothing for kids.

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