Mens designer wear UK – what not to wear on a first date

Remember that you have attracted this amazing person who has agreed to go on a first date. They are interested in you and a little thought and planning can help you to project the best version of you there is. The good news is that even if you have no clue about style, it is easy to master if you follow a few simple guidelines.

The overall look

Don’t be tempted to pair your favourite shirt, shoes, trousers and jacket and hope for the best – unless they were bought to make one outfit initially, the end result is likely to be a mess. Also, remember that one size does not fit all when it comes to style. Pairing your outfit with the venue and the occasion is just as important as putting together a killer look.

Sizing and fit

Whatever you wear, it should fit. Nothing is more distracting than bulging seamlines or clothes so baggy that they have your date trying to figure out whether there is a body in there somewhere. Wear the clothes – don’t let them wear you.

Poorly-fitting clothes can make you look fatter and shorter, whereas clothes that fit you properly can accentuate your strong points and hide those you don’t like. Women have known this for years and it is time that men got in on the act. In the UK designer menswear is available to suit all sizes and body types.

An added benefit of wearing clothes that fit and flatter is that you will be comfortable and feel more confident. This will help you to feel more relaxed and bring the best you to the critical first date.

Details count

If there is a button missing, sew it on or wear something else. Make sure your clothes are ironed perfectly and every last spec of lint or fluff is removed.

Coordinate and complement

Even if you are colour blind, it is not difficult to stick to a few basic rules. Don’t mix patterns or multiple colours, regardless of what may be on trend. What looks good on the catwalk does not always translate to normal life and not everyone can carry off the more outrageous style and pattern trends. Remember that less is more. Your outfit should enhance and complement your best features, whether this is bringing out the colour of your eyes or drawing attention to your broad shoulders.

Following on from these simple guidelines, let’s take a look at what you should avoid:

Bright colours and sparkles

Unless you are going to a fancy dress party or a parade, choose classic, neutral or dark colours that you know will work together. Think grey, white, black, tan and navy.

Open-toed shoes

If your first date is at the beach, open-toed shoes may be the right choice; otherwise, they should be avoided. Even particularly well-groomed toenails on show are unlikely to win you any brownie points.

Hats or sunglasses

If your date is outside, a stylish hat could be a great accessory to your outfit; however, keep it on indoors and your date might think that you forgot to wash your hair or are trying to hide a receding hairline. Equally, a stylish pair of sunglasses outside can really make an outfit pop and will stop you squinting at your date, but keeping them on indoors can make you look unapproachable. This is probably not the impression you are aiming for on a first date!


Whether a normal tie or a bowtie, wearing a tie is unlikely to help the relaxed and natural atmosphere you want for a first date unless you are going to a formal event. In the UK designer menswear is available to suit all styles. Sartorial elegance is not defined by a tie; instead, concentrate on choosing a well-fitting, classically-styled outfit and leave the tie at home.

T-shirts with a witty caption or graphic

Whilst this might be fine for dates further down the line, the focus for a first date should be on you and not your potentially questionable sense of humour or your favourite computer game.


Unless have arranged to play tennis or another sporting activity, leave the sportswear at home for the first date; however, UK designer menswear sports style options can be a great choice for more relaxed and informal dates once you are past the critical first date.

If you are still stuck for choice or simply want to add another key piece of UK designer menswear to your already fabulous wardrobe, select from the options on the left to explore our comprehensive and stylish range of clothing and accessories.

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