How to wear designer logos

When it comes to discount designer menswear, you can bet that your favourite fashion house will have a whole host of garments on offer, ranging from tops to trousers, jackets and even accessories such as socks and bags. If you want to show loyalty to your favourite logos, then there are many ways to showcase them. If you are a fan of larger logos, then we can tell you how to make a statement without going over the top. If you prefer a more subtle logo, then we have the best tips for wearing your brand in a noticeably stylish way.

Here are just a few of the ways that you can support your favourite brands and wear their logos stylishly.

With summer around the corner, it’s a great season to embrace bold colours and prints. Floral, animal print and ditsy are just a few of the timeless trends that are perfect for long, warm summer days. When it comes to wearing logos, prints can be a great way to showcase your favourite logo without making them the sole focus of the outfit. So for people who favour a more subtle approach this can be the perfect balance.

Over the past few decades there has been a definite evolution of sportwear from practical, functional clothing designed purely for exercise to a more high-fashion clothing that can be dressed up or down for day and nightwear outside of the gym. For logo fans shopping for discount designer menswear, this can be a great way to combine your love of logos with a cutting-edge comfortable outfit – something as simple as a large tee alongside skinny jeans or even silk joggers can be just enough to create a sporty, stylish vibe.

The Jacket
The great British summertime is, by nature, changeable in terms of weather. So regardless of the high temperatures you’ll still need a jacket for those impromptu showers. A jacket can be a great investment that will see you through all seasons and will add a touch of your favourite logo to any type of outfit. A similar idea applies with a logo sweatshirt. The act of layering garments means you can add as much or as little logo to your outfit as you like.

Go Vintage
Vintage clothing and trends have experienced a revival in recent years. The nature of modern-day ‘throwaway’ living means that more and more consumers are appreciating clothing items from days gone by that were built to last and were in keeping with the kooky, sometimes revolutionary fashion of the time. When it comes to your favourite brand, don’t be afraid to hit flea markets, charity shops and vintage fairs in search of that perfect bag, jacket, top or scarf….you’ll likely pick it up discount designer menswear at a fraction of the cost and bag yourself a ‘one of a kind’ piece at the same time.

Head to Toe
With ‘Logomania’ prevalent on catwalks, many people are embracing a form of high fashion by going excessive when it comes to wearing their favourite logos. In the 1990s it became uncool and garish to flaunt oversized logos in many forms, but now logos are back and the louder and more garish the better. So don’t be afraid of teaming that tee emblazoned with your brand logo along with the bag, the shoes and the jacket if you want to. It’s cool and edgy to embrace brand solidarity on a large scale.

With Irony
Modern-day fashion houses take their brands seriously, but that doesn’t mean they expect you to do the same all of the time. You’ll now find a range of high fashion houses and sports brand introducing logos with kooky typography, double meanings, comical imagery and even flagrant mocking of their own brand – Gucci have recently introduced the ‘Guccy’ range, for example. This is all about bringing brands up to date, giving them an element of street culture and making them more appealing to the masses. Don’t be afraid to get silly with styling your logos – it can be a fun and modern way to represent your brand in the 21st century.

For those who are passionate about their brand but don’t necessarily have the budget to afford discount designer menswear, there are many ways to support your favourite fashion house without breaking the bank. These days wallets, phone cases, key rings and hats are just a few of the accessories that you can pick up relatively cheaply and use in the most practical everyday ways. Displaying the relevant logos and accessorising wisely give you the chance to buy into the brand even on a budget.

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