How to Buy Mens Designer Wear UK Jeans That Fit

Jeans are among the most useful and versatile pieces of clothing available. They are simple and durable when you need to work and can still look stylish when you are dressing to impress. Lots of men wear jeans, but that does not mean they know how to choose the best pair for them. Just as with any men’s designer wear, you may need guidance on the many styles available to you.


Rise refers to the distance between the top of the crotch and the waistband.

• High rise is understandably the biggest, coming up to your belly button or above. This means it can look awkward if you tuck in your shirt.
• Medium-rise jeans just touch the belly button and are therefore much better when you want your shirt tucked.
• Low rise, unsurprisingly, stays below your belly button for the more casual look.
• Low crotch can look almost saggy around the hips and rear because they drop so low.


• Skinny jeans have a tightly fitting straight leg with tapered leg opening. They tend towards a low or medium rise.
• Slim jeans are somewhere between tight and loose, often with a medium rise. The leg is slim from the thigh down and the leg opening is narrow.
• Boot-cut jeans are narrower round the hip and thigh but flare slightly below the knee.
• Regular jeans have a wider leg opening to go with their straight legs. They also tend to have a medium rise.
• Relaxed jeans are looser below the waist rather than fitting tightly to your form. This includes a wider leg opening.
• Loose jeans are the baggiest of all, leaving plenty of space for every part of your legs to be comfortable.


• Jean sizing comes with two numbers. The first is for your waist; the second is for the inseam, or length on the inside leg from floor to crotch.
• Jeans are available in every colour imaginable, but the most popular and versatile colour is probably dark blue. Darker colours tend to be better for smarter occasions and should match with the biggest range of other clothes.
• You will also want to make sure your jeans are a comfortable length. You do not want them dragging on the ground or to leave your ankles showing. If you are buying mens designer wear, you should be able to ask the store for an adjustment.
• After you have worn your jeans a few times, the denim is likely to stretch. It may even become a whole size bigger. This means it is better for you to lean on the smaller side when you buy.
• Raw denim is not treated or processed so will develop its own unique pattern of wear with time. Selvedge is a clean, finished edge that will not unravel.
• When jeans have a different hue or pattern, it is known as a wash. Classic wash is the most traditional and will not look too faded, but other options include acid wash and stone wash.

Body Type

Once you have studied all of these styles and options, it is time to pick the one for you. This means thinking about how the design will fit with your body type in particular.


If your whole body is thin from your shoulders to your legs, then low-rise jeans with straight legs are probably best. They will be comfortable and will not make your legs look too lacking in muscle. Skinny jeans could make you too thin, whilst baggier ones will be too loose, and a higher rise will not flatter your rear.


Your waist may still be slender, but you will have more defined muscle in your buttocks and legs. Low-rise jeans that are boot cut, straight leg or slim fit should show off your physique, as should smaller pockets. Baggy or wide-legged jeans will hide your shape, which you do not want.


Even straight-legged jeans can look skinny if your legs are muscular enough. You need wider legs with your regular fit for comfort as well as to flatter your muscles. Larger, closer together pockets will help shrink your rear end. Boot-cut jeans will add too much bulk.

Wide Hips

If your legs are wider, you want your jeans to be relatively straight. Relaxed, straight-leg or loose jeans are the comfortable options and help you look stylishly casual. Low-rise jeans will make your hips look even bigger.

Large Waist

If all parts of your legs and waist are bigger, you will want to avoid skinny or flared jeans that make you look larger or out of balance. Loose or relaxed jeans are best, maybe with a high rise to help keep your midsection in shape.

Now you know the wide range of styles available, you should be ready to choose your own jeans. Explore the site further to find the pair that fits you, or contact us if you want more advice.

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