Why Saucony Retro Trainers Are Still the Height of Fashion

Saucony has been producing top-quality running shoes since the brand’s inception over one hundred years ago in 1898, and while the Saucony brand has a long-standing heritage, there has been nothing old-fashioned about the designs and styles, which have always incorporated the very latest innovative technologies.

Today Saucony also produces running accessories and other apparel associated with the sport, and across the world Saucony has built a running society. The Saucony trainers range covers running shoes for men, women and children. And beyond runners, Saucony now attracts a growing customer base of fashion-conscious Millennials looking for a comfortable trainer that looks great and makes a bold style statement too.

The founding principle of the brand is that they want to offer the very best experience to all runners, whether they’re starting out on their first run or they’re more experienced and training for a marathon. Moreover, Saucony also wants to support those keen to stay fit and help all their customers avoid injury, so each pair of trainers is meticulously tested so that the highest standards of durability and quality are met consistently.

With the growing trend for athleisure wear, more of us are conscious about how we look and what our style says about us, so it follows that as consumers we are demanding more from the clothes we wear, wanting them to transcend both active running time and off-duty. It’s making brands think harder, and Saucony is one brand that has really stepped, or run, up to the plate.

Men’s Shoes
The Saucony retro silhouette has achieved an iconic status, and the Jazz trainer comes with shock-absorbing capacity that is right up to date but looks-wise retains its vintage styling. The distressed suede and matte leather are old-school trendy, and with the flat lace fastening the trainers built for running are also often worn as part of a casual everyday outfit.

Colours also take on a vintage hue with blues, greys and burgundy Saucony trainers available as part of the latest collections. With lots of colour combinations available, the Saucony retro trainer range appeals to a huge range of ages and personalities. Blue and yellow, or orange, grey and blue combine for fun options, and there are more traditional colour options available too, such as black or grey and black. The joy of bright trainers is that there is no doubting that you are wearing trainers and no one will think they’re disguised as a dress shoe.

Trainers for Fashion
The casual trend is going nowhere, and the popularity of trainers shows no signs of abating. There’s no age limit on who can wear them, and let’s face it, there are the most comfortable option bar none. Opting for a timeless classic with a vintage retro feel, like the Saucony shoes, makes sure you look on trend and not childlike. These shoes are easy to incorporate into your outfit, and the wide range of colours means they’re flexible to coordinate with whatever else you’re wearing, whether that’s very casual sportswear or smarter trousers and an oversized shirt – even a blazer. When you do opt for a bolder colour way, pare down the rest of the outfit and keep it simple to allow your feet to do the talking and avoid a clash. Unless of course that’s the statement you want to make!

Looking After Your Shoes
Whichever look you’re going for, you’ll want to make sure they look their best, and that means looking after them. Whether they’re your everyday trainers or a pair you only break out for an occasion, a little bit of care attention will prolong their life so you can step out in style at a moment’s notice. There are lots of cleaning products available on the market, from cleaners to restorers and preventative treatments too, so you can polish and protect your trainers.

Trainer Accessories
Saucony offers a great range of colours in their retro trainers collection, but if you want to further personalise your look, there are options available. Laces are a fun way to add some instant personality or attitude. And if the personalisation is more about your feet than your image, there are insoles available to offer support and cushioning to make your shoes even more comfortable.

When you wash your trainers, clean them as soon as you can after they become dirty with a little light brushing. If they are wet, try to dry them naturally. If they are truly soaked through, hanging them can help the water to run out faster. Don’t be tempted to use a radiator or tumble dryer, as the heat can have an adverse effect on the materials and glue.

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