Look Smart with Stylish Moncler Shades

The Background of Moncler
Moncler is an abbreviation of Monestier-de-Clermont, a mountain village near Grenoble. The brand started out manufacturing sporty cold weather gear and was the originator of the puffer jacket for extreme climes in 1954.

In 2015 the company agreed a licensing arrangement with the Marcolin Group for producing and distributing spectacle frames, sunglasses and ski goggles under the new Moncler Lunettes brand: today the Moncler eyewear range reflects the company’s brand values of high quality, excellence and functionality

Moncler Sunglasses
All of our Moncler shades are finely crafted to take you from the slopes to the city and will look dashing anytime anywhere. You will be sure to find a look to suit your lifestyle from our signature range of high-quality sunglasses.

Moncler’s Shiny Black Round Frame Sunglasses boast shiny black acetate full frames and feature the Temple Signature Moncler Logo. Offering 100% UV Protection, these glasses come with green lenses.

The Havana Round Frame Sunglasses have a tortoiseshell appearance with a shiny acetate tortoise frame. They guarantee 100% UV protection. The high-quality lenses are smoke-coloured.

The chic Black & Green Double Bridge Round Sunglasses offer matte and shiny black frames with a metal lower bridge. Protection from UV rays is 100%, and the lenses are an attractive green.

Light Ruthenium Round Frame Sunglasses have a ruthenium frame featuring acetate tortoise arm caps. The nose bridge is made out of metal. You needn’t worry about UV rays, as these sunglasses offer complete protection.

ML0010 Shiny Black Wayfarer Moncler shades are designed with shiny black frames and a metallic arm sash. UV protection is a reassuring 100%, and the lenses are dark in appearance.

The frame of ML0020 Double Bridge Round Sunglasses is shiny and black, with the sunglasses supplying 100% UV protection. The frames feature Moncler Logo Arm Branding, and the lower bridge is made out of metal.

ML0010 Clear Frame Wayfarer Sunglasses have clear acetate grey frames with Moncler Logo arm branding. These Moncler shades feature alluring green lenses with 100% UV protection.

ML0019 Double Bridge Round Sunglasses have a matte black frame and shiny black arms, with Moncler Logo arm branding. These stylish Moncler shades offer a nose bridge and attractive green lenses.

With so many attractive styles to choose from, you will find the right pair of sunglasses for you.

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