Introducting Nudie Jeans, which brought us Nudie Steady Eddie

If you are the sort of person who wants their clothes to look good but also to know they do good, let us introduce you to our range of Nudie Jeans. Nudie Jeans is an ethical fashion brand that uses 100 per cent organic cotton to make its denim, driven by its corporate responsibility to reduce its impact and create sustainable production and consumption patterns.

A good pair of jeans has long been a wardrobe staple for many of us, and so much more than the workwear denim was originally used for. Our favourite jeans are our go-to clothing for everyday wear, casual wear, going to the pub, the shops or out in the evening with friends. Dress them up or down – they really do work for so many occasions.

Denim improves with age, as it builds its character as it gets older. Choosing a Nudie pair, such as Nudie Steady Eddie, will get you a fabulous pair of jeans that look great and come from solid, responsible roots.

Jeans have been around for so long and don’t look like going anywhere anytime soon. There is nothing faddy about our favourite item of clothing; for many of us, it is like losing an old friend when we finally have to say goodbye.

Nudie Jeans was founded on a passion for transparency and sustainability and a new way of looking at popular fashion.

The men’s line has a range of cuts and fits, with various sizes and colours. If you can’t find the right pair for you here, something has gone wrong!

Nudie Steady Eddie

The Nudie Steady Eddie jeans are made from organic cotton and cut with modern styling. The material is a 14oz rigid denim, which is cut to a regular tapered fit and slim leg. There is a distinctive orange thread to all the seams, with complementary copper trim and a button fly. You will love the vintage feel of the colour of the denim, which is a bright blue with a definite ‘worn in’ look.

Nudie Billy

In addition to jeans, Nudie creates a range of denim jackets, from traditional looks to styles that bring the look right up to date. The Billy jacket is very washed down for a lived-in, worn-out colour, with rough edges to the button holes and frayed edges to make it look like a well-loved item of clothing. The 12.5oz rigid denim has a grainy character to give it a distinctive look.

Nudie Jeans Women

There is also a Nudie Jeans Women range, which includes a gorgeous selection of classic clothing that is designed to be contemporary and modern but with a timeless style. The women’s range includes tops alongside the jeans, all carefully made using the same top-quality organic cotton and produced in the same fair and transparent way with the focus on sustainability and responsibility.

Nudie For Children

Not wanting to leave out the little people, Nudie has curated a small range of children’s clothing. This comprises jeans, jackets, T-shirts and sweatshirts, all made to the same standards and ethical code as the adult clothing. As Nudie believes that a genuine, safe childhood is a basic human right, it donates €5 to Amnesty International to help support some of its key campaigns for every pair of kids’ jeans sold.

Canvas by Nudie Jeans

It is not just denim that Nudie Jeans takes inspirations from! Not all workwear was made from denim, with professions such as fishermen using canvas before denim came along. Nudie has been keen to bring the material right up to date with a new purpose. Again made with organic cotton, the canvas trousers are designed to be hardwearing across all seasons.


No outfit is complete without some carefully chosen finishing touches, with our range of Nudie Jeans accessories the perfect way to tie your outfit together. There is a lot of denim, as you would expect, with Nudie also using leather for its wallets and belts and more organic cotton for its knitted hats and scarves. The leather, like the denim, only gets better with age and is treated with a vegetable tanning.

In addition to making stylish products on the foundation of sustainability and transparency, Nudie Jeans offers a free repair service and a secondhand sell-on service. Once the products really are worn out, Nudie Jeans will recycle them and give them a new life.

The brand is known for its fresh way of looking at things, with its customers loving the underlying passion it has for doing good alongside looking good.

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