The top style tips from Karl Lagerfeld himself

Karl Lagerfeld is a living fashion legend. With his super-chic style and his raw and open opinions, he is the man to tell it like it is – your fashion oracle. From the wise words of the man himself, we have compiled the very best tips that you can keep and always return to should you be stuck in a less-than-chic rut.

Make a statement with your fashion

According to Karl, you should be expressing not only yourself with your fashion choice but also your thoughts, opinions and beliefs. When you are dressed and ready to take on the town, your look should be able to be read like a book. Wear your mind and your soul on the outside.

Buy for you, dress for you

When shopping and trying the season’s new trends, dress for you. Only buy what fits you well. If you put something on in the changing room and it makes you smile, it is for you; if you try it on and you think about what you need to change, ditch it. You should be dressed in a look that you like, that complements you, and that makes you smile at yourself in the mirror.

Pair the casual with the formal

When you are dressing down at the weekend, work on the combination trick of casual and formal. Are you wearing your favourite T-shirt and jeans? If so, make sure your hair is perfect and your beard is well-trimmed and shaped. Lagerfeld explains that this contrast makes an outfit stand out.

Reinvent and repurpose

Building on the last tip, revisit your existing wardrobe and make some new combinations. Get creative – do you have a great shirt but it only comes out on special occasions? If so, wear it this weekend with your jeans and leather trainers. Are you not getting enough wear out of that expensive designer jacket? Pair it as a new combination with a T-shirt, a sweater, or even with a thin hoodie underneath.

No such thing as too much black

Tips from Lagerfeld will always get back the black – he is rarely seen in an outfit that is not based around black. To stop a black outfit looking flat, play with black textures, such as a black cotton shirt with a black satin tie. Alternatively, add one slash of colour, such as a red belt or a pristine white shirt.

There you have it – style advice from a legend. Armed with these tips, we know that your style status can only be on the up. Have a look at our website for some pieces to give your wardrobe the Lagerfeld touch.

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