How to style a puffa jacket with Lyle & Scott

Puffa jackets have been a staple of men’s winter wardrobes for what seems like forever. You might already have one, or be in the market for a new winter top layer now that the nights are drawing in. The puffa jacket might not scream style icon, but with these tips, you can wear your warm puffa jacket and look stylish. Rock your puffa jacket with layers and structure from Lyle & Scott to stay warm this winter while looking undeniably and effortlessly cool.

The low key layered look

Wear your puffa jacket over your best casual layers. Pair your puffa jacket with your favourite jeans and your most faithful Lyle & Scott T shirt for a relaxed weekend look. Add some trainers for that perfect downtime feel. Still feeling chilly in your T shirt? Add a hoodie for extra warmth and another layer. Leave the puffa jacket and the hoodie unzipped for the best style impact from your carefully chosen layers.

Offset the bulk

A puffa jacket by its very nature can be quite bulky, rounded and loose in its shape and silhouette. To add sleekness and structure back into your look, wear a high roll neck jumper underneath. The contrasting structure of the jumper will offset the rounded bulky shape of your puffa jacket.

Not a fan of the roll neck? No problem. A Lyle & Scott jumper will add the same firm structure to your look, keeping it sleek but without the high neck. Roll neck or not, keep the colour of the jumper muted in tone – slate greys, navy, or olive green. The key here is the structure of the jumper underneath contrasting with the shape and silhouette of the puffa, not clashing colours.

Muted colours for balance

While you love a puffa jacket for its warmth, steer clear of the brightly coloured highly technical puffas. When you are not halfway up a mountain, you don’t want to look like you should be. Buy your puffa jacket in a muted colour. Think greys, dark blues, dark greens. This will make it much easier to layer underneath your jacket and to match with your existing wardrobe.

Get your puffa jacket out of the wardrobe and have an experiment with layers and pairing it with muted colours. Have a look around our site for puffa jackets and mens designer wear that can lift your look in these drab and cold months. The puffa isn’t only for hikers and climbers, it can be your weapon in the style and temperature wars this winter.

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