How to style a Gant check shirt

Denim and check might conjure up images of cowboys; however, this timeless look is effortlessly cool when styled in the right way. A thick, plaid shirt under a fur-lined denim jacket and a pair of chunky boots is a perfect winter look. In contrast, you can team a lighter Gant check shirt with pale denim shorts and a crisp white T-shirt to create a cool summer outfit that is smart and casual in equal measure. If you really feel passionate about the look, double up with a denim jacket, denim jeans and a striking checked shirt.

The checked shirt has a long and rich history. In the past, it was reserved purely for casual attire; today, you can purchase an array of shirts in subtle – and not so subtle – check prints that provide just enough detail to make a smart outfit interesting. A long-sleeved check Gant shirt can be paired seamlessly with a navy suit, which is a perfect look for a formal occasion such as a wedding.

Despite its gradual movement into the formal sector, check is still a print that is synonymous with casual and even grunge-wear. Think back to the thick, oversized plaid shirts of the 90s, often worn over a slogan T-shirt with cord trousers and Converse trainers. Practical and stylish, this is a look that is still as relevant today. If you want to bring it into the 21st century, swap the cords for skinny jeans and the Converse for high-top Nikes and you are nailing a classic vintage look in the modern day.

Ultimately, the draw of a check shirt is that it can be worn with all manner of outfits in all manner of styles. A Gant shirt comes in many guises; as such, it can be worn formally, casually or grungily. The key is to find the right style for you and then find the shirt to match.

Whether you opt for denim, cords, shorts or a suit, you can rest assured that the checked or plaid shirt is a style that is as versatile as it is timeless. Regardless of your personal preferences, you will almost certainly be able to find a way to style it that suits your body shape and your personality.

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