How to perfectly dress up Replay denim

Modern dressing is all about style and looking well turned out. So, can jeans be a part of your sharp new look? Fashion experts say that they can, it’s just a case of choosing the right brand and the right style. Jeans are durable and comfortable and superbly flexible. It’s true that they were originally workwear, but now they can look great at many formal occasions. It just depends on which jeans you buy and on how you wear them.

The cut is key!

Jeans can be dressed up, but they have to have a good cut to start off with. At the very least, they must be close fitting. Baggy jeans have no hope of looking sharp, so leave them for when you are cleaning out your garage.

Great brands like Replay jeans are tight, with no sagging at the crotch. But be careful, because super-skinny jeans do not always look great at more formal occasions. Boot cut is a difficult look to carry off. The best advice is to play safe with a straight-leg. Clean and simple lines, in a dark colour, are timeless and always look smart.

Simplicity is what works best. Avoid rips or any other signs of wear and tear. Keep away from straps and flap pockets, as they look utilitarian and cheap. You should be aiming for class.

Pairing jeans for a sharp look

T-shirts can look sharp with jeans, but it has to be the right T-shirt. Only ever pair jeans with a plain T-shirt. Graphics and logos are for dressing down, not up. The T-shirt needs to be close fitting and a real leather belt completes the look perfectly.

Jeans can also be teamed up with long- or short-sleeved work shirts. Look out for shirts with a turndown collar. As for colour, avoid blue because that’s too close to the colour of the jeans.

Taking sharp dressing to the next level, team up your jeans with a tucked-in dress shirt. Colour is important here, so you’ll need to choose from white or light grey and a light stripe or check is acceptable. You can tone down the formality by rolling up the sleeves and adding a belt with a large, eye-catching buckle.

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