How Luke clothing helps you beat common style myths

Style pundits issue edicts from on high about the right way to look, and fashion slaves strive to follow them, fearing ridicule. However, many of these strict sartorial rules from above can be debunked. Here, we explore some common myths that can be exploded, and those that have a basis in truth.

No double denim – False

Denim-on-denim is still worthy of notice today. Try to mix up the wash, hue and colour of the pieces. Darker denim on the bottom might be paired with a Chambray shirt – you may choose something from Luke.

Your shoes and belt should match – True

This adage holds true, provided you keep within the same colour groups. Rather than an exact match, a slight tone difference adds an edge to an outfit.

You must have a new autumn/winter wardrobe – False

Climate change means that seasons are no longer so clearly defined. Instead of a cold weather shopping spree, layer your existing pieces. Year-round items are perfect. For example, choose a Luke overshirt and denim jacket, plus a shawl neck cardigan.

Prints are only for spring/summer – False

Bold prints are not just for the warmer months. In particular, monochrome prints or those with a dark base are eminently wearable all year round. Prints in tailoring – such as a geometric suit or blazer – also adapt to transitions. A Luke cardigan or jumper might add a subtle flash of colour.

Don’t blend black and brown – False

This combination actually works – with the caveat that darker browns are less successful. Choose paler shades, for example chinos in a coffee colour teamed with a black cable knit. Mix materials and textures for definition.

Slim-fit is best – False

A slim-fit silhouette for jeans and trousers has been at the forefront of men’s fashion recently. But the advent of sportsluxe and ‘elegant comfort’ permits slouchier bottoms with cuffs, pleats and tapered details. Relaxed trousers should be paired with a slimmer shirt.

All-black is dull – False

All-black will never be boring if used in moderation – rotate black wardrobe items for style, comfort and visual interest. Make use of a lint roller to stay spick and span. Dark neutrals from Luke make you look taller and slimmer.

Wash your raw jeans is the sea – False

Dunking your jeans in the ocean might be a laugh and something to tell your friends, but it’s not necessary. Get optimum results in your washing machine, turning the jeans inside out and using a light detergent.

No sunglasses at night – True

There’s no need to pose in a pair at night. It’s rude, impersonal and simply looks like you are desperate to be a celebrity. But in overcast winter skies, it’s permissible to shield your eyes from the grey glare.

Keep gold and silver jewellery apart – False

This prohibitive trend dates from when the super-rich could afford to flash both. However, with precious metals accruing in value, why not break the rules? You can layer gold and silver chains, and a gold chain will harmonise with a silver watch.

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