Make Your Mens Armani Jeans Sale Purchase Last Longer

How Long Do Jeans Last?

Caring for denim properly can make it last for years. Your typical pair of jeans, washed an average amount, ought to last four or five years. In time they will have acquired a nice patina of wear with fraying leg cuffs and pocket edges and a thin crotch and knees.

Perfectly distressed, this pair should last for another four or five years – or more if you follow our tips for long life. Get it right and they should last at least a decade.

Don’t Wash Often

Designer jeans shouldn’t be washed too often. This gives them character. Use a wet cloth to deal with spots and dirt. Scrape food stains away with your finger, or use an old toothbrush to keep your jeans looking peachy. You can try hanging them in the bathroom while you are showering – the steam will help to freshen them up.

Put on a Cold Wash

When you do come to wash your jeans, ideally after ten wears or more, turn them inside out and use cold water, which will inhibit fading and maintain the colour for longer. Cold water also saves energy and reduces your utilities bill.

The first time, add two spoons of salt to fix the dye. Don’t use harsh soaps – a small amount of a mild detergent will be fine. Check your pockets before washing, and unroll your cuffs to free up dirt.

Hand Wash

With some time to spare, do a hand wash. Fill a sink with cold water and add a small amount of mild detergent.

If you have a mens Armani jeans sale pair, turn your designer jeans inside out, put them in the water and walk off. You don’t need to scrub. An hour later, rinse the jeans with cold water. Hang them up to dry – the fabric and shape will be preserved for longer.


Air-drying is great for longer life. Hang your jeans indoors and away from sunlight, which maintains the colour. If your jeans are stiff, put them in the dryer for two minutes —on a very low heat —to break them in. They ought to become softer with wear.

Drying jeans in the air preserves the fit and avoids warping. Perhaps you have a mens Armani jeans sale pair. Turn them inside out to inhibit fading and dry the inside pockets.

Avoid Bleach

Bleach can seriously harm denim, making the yarn degrade. Don’t bleach white jeans, as it will create a yellowish hue.

Avoid Dry-Cleaning

Steer clear of dry-cleaning, which will make the material of your jeans deteriorate. It can also cause an unwanted shiny patina.

Avoid Odours: Stick Them in the Oven

Switch your oven on at 300 degrees Fahrenheit, and then put your folded jeans inside for one hour. In addition, you can put them in the freezer overnight. Both these solutions will exterminate odour-causing bacteria, including pairs from a mens Armani jeans sale.

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