How to Choose Your CP Company Soft Shell for Autumn

What Exactly Is a Soft Shell?

Everyone needs a versatile jacket for the new season – one that blends fashion and functionality for best effect. You’ve probably already spotted a CP Company soft shell in the fashion press for the season ahead. But what makes this type of jacket special?

Versatile Outdoor Wear

The versatility of a soft shell is the key to its popularity because it works for a wide range of activities.

When you choose a soft shell, you’ll notice that it is constructed from woven and soft materials that are obviously different to traditional waterproof or hard shell jackets. They differ too by not having a lining. Instead, the fabric is bonded together using high-tech glue.

Why Might You Decide to Invest in a CP Company Soft Shell This Autumn

This hard-working wardrobe essential is a fantastic way to add a bridging garment between your light fleece and a full-on waterproof. You’ll be able to choose from either a membrane or stretch-woven soft shell jacket. The latter uses a coating to repel water. The membrane version has the membrane layer bonded between fabric layers.

Neither of the jacket types will be entirely waterproof because they lack taped seams which prevent any kind of water permeability. However, they are versatile, breathable and great for cycling and running. The membrane soft shell variety tends to be a little heavier than the stretch alternative and tends to be preferred for activities which require protection from the weather.

Things to Consider

When trying to decide which CP Company soft shell to buy, think about factors such as the weather you’re likely to be wearing it in, the activities you’ll wear it for and the fit and style that you like. You’ll notice that the new season range features all of the on-trend features that you are looking for along with quality fabrics and expert textile engineering for the perfect fit and finish.

This is one wardrobe essential for autumn that you’ll be able to wear successfully with a range of outfits and for a number of occasions – whether you are going out for a run, cycle or climb or simply going for a walk to the local for a pint and brunch over the papers.

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