Keeping the Little Ones Warm, Including CP Company Kids Clothes

With the cold snap arriving, now is the time to swap your kids’ summer wardrobe for their autumn and winter clothes. If you need help figuring out which essentials you should be looking for, here are some of the top warm clothing items that all kids should be kitted out with.

Protect Them from the Weather

With brands such as CP Company kids clothing, you can keep your not-so-little ones warm and cosy with their range of sweatshirts and warm winter coats and jackets. Go for waterproof outerwear to protect your kids from the inevitably harsh weather and to prevent them from getting cold if the rain seeps through a non-waterproof option.


Hoodies are a great addition to the winter wardrobe and can be used as part of an outfit ensemble, depending on the temperature. Layer hoodies with casual t-shirts in the autumn or add a jacket over the top to keep them toasty when the snow looks ready to fall. You can also find long-sleeve tops in the range of CP Company kids clothing, which can be perfect for layering under a body warmer or just to add extra layers on those extra cold days.

Do Away with Dull Colours

The colder weather often means an influx of dull colours which seem to match the moods of those wishing they were indoors. However, whilst navy, grey and mustard shades are a welcome addition, you shouldn’t feel that your kids’ bright clothing needs to take a step back until summer. From bright coats to colourful winter boots, don’t be afraid to be bold when the weather looks more dreary. The chances are your kids will appreciate wearing outfits which look more fun too.

A winter wardrobe isn’t complete without knitwear. Cosy jumpers are the perfect way to keep them warm whilst looking stylish, so you should make the most of the chunky knits whilst you have the opportunity. You should also look into a durable hat, scarf and gloves set to see them through the frosty days. There is such a huge range of styles available out there, from bobble top hats to balaclavas, all in a range of muted autumnal tones or funky brights, depending on your child’s preference.

So with the range of warmer clothing taking over from the summer essentials, why not take a look at which winter warmers you can add to your kids’ wardrobe?

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