How to recognise genuine Armani jeans

Everyone likes to think of themselves as a fashionista at times. They can walk down the street and easily spot that girl wearing the Ugg boots that look suspiciously fake, the Docs that look a little too shiny to be leather, the knock-off Rolex. But some fashion items can be harder to tell apart from their false counterparts, especially jeans, and more specifically, Armani jeans. Highly in demand, this item has spawned many knock-off versions. Avoid getting duped in the search for a high quality pair of jeans with these tips on how to spot a fake.

First of all, the jeans will say, explicitly, ‘Armani’. Many people become so absorbed in the quality of the fabric (however good or bad it may be) that they neglect that first, most obvious factor. No matter the quality, if it’s not Armani, it’s not Armani. Every pair of Armani jeans comes complete with a certificate of authenticity, much like a movie prop or piece of merchandise. This should put the buyer’s mind at rest. This certificate will be attached in a plastic case, and will say ‘Giorgio Armani’ when held up to the light.

It is important to check the label on the inside of the jeans, too. It will show the company logo with ‘Armani Jeans’ written next to it in smaller writing. The first line of the ‘A’ on the logo will be thinner than the second. There should also be a small Armani patch on the coin pocket sporting the same design. Check that these patches and labels are of good quality.

Speaking of quality, pay close attention to stitch work. It should go without saying that this should be looked over before a purchase is made. Because of the price, the buyer should expect perfectly straight lines of stitching – no curves, rough patches, missing stitches or anything untidy. The perfect stitch quality is a good marker of a genuine pair of Armani Jeans.

When shopping secondhand, it’s easy to be excited by what seems to be a great deal on some Armani. But, as the saying goes, when something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Any secondhand pair advertised at less than £30 or £40 should arouse suspicion. When in real doubt, check a seller’s page. If there is a string of negative reviews, it is best to avoid this seller.

Of course, when one is truly unsure, going to a genuine Armani store is the best way to get a real pair. But when buying secondhand, these tips should help the buyer to avoid being duped during their shopping trip.

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