Men’s Wardrobe Essentials for Your 20’s

In your 20’s life it beginning to take shape; maybe you’re figuring out relationships, have begun a career and have flown the nest, all changes are hopefully pointing in one direction – up. You’ve probably established your style by this point, or perhaps you’re still enjoying experimenting with different looks to suit your personality. In this post we’ll explore some wardrobe essentials that will take you from 20 – 30 in style.

Designer Trainers

Shoes come and go but a pair of reliable designer trainers can last season after season with the right care. Having a pair if several styles and colours means you can pick and choose to suit your outfit. Casual hi-tops from Vans, black trainers and the classic white trainer, like the vintage white and black SuperStar 80’s DLX from Adidas Originals, are excellent footwear choices to have at your disposal. Smarten up by opting for brogues from Armani Jeans which offer the same comfort as a sneaker but has the sophisticated appearance of a more grown up shoe.


Leather Jacket

The ultimate style staple that has never crept out of fashion is without a doubt the leather jacket. Deceptively versatile it’s possible to dress it up by simply wearing over a shirt rather than a t-shirt, a good quality real leather jacket will last years and be the jacket you come back to time and time again. Whilst the classic black leather jacket is extremely easy to style, mix it up with a tan or dark brown leather jacket for a big difference in your look.

Full body shot of a young black man

For a lighter look, a denim jacket is the second most important jacket to have a place in your wardrobe during your 20s. At Designerwear we are huge fans of the denim and cord trucker jackets from Levi’s. Simply throw on over a graphic print t-shirt and don’t be afraid of rocking the double denim look by pairing with jeans.

The White Shirt

Preparing your wardrobe needn’t be chore if you simply get all of the essentials in place. Another must-have is the traditional white shirt; slim fit, long sleeved white shirts are an excellent base to create an entire outfit around, not the mention it’s handy to have a designer white shirt available for any special occasions. We recommend a Lacoste white shirt, made with 100% cotton for a lightweight, breathable feel, which offers the smart button down collar look with two button cuffs. Perfect to accommodate a tie or worn casually with the top buttons open, the white shirt is a long term player in the style game. Simply pair with trousers and a blazer for an easy, chic finish.



Now is the time where you’re beginning to view accessories as not just practical items, but pieces that are an essential boost to a stylish look. A pair of designer sunglasses is a good place to start building your designer accessories collection; we have a brilliant range of Tom Ford sunglasses in various styles including aviator and wayfarer, and many frame choices to help you achieve that perfect summer look. For everyday wear, a designer belt is a must for those modern men who have begun taking their personal style more seriously. Opt for a sleek black leather belt with silver buckle from Hugo Boss to help you feel, and look like, a boss at work.


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