The Best Menswear Brand Collaborations

Fashion has combined with music since time began, with catwalk shows turning into live music shows, and designer labels lending clothes to stars for awards shows, to using famous faces to promote their new lines. In design collaborations however, a label or individual not only puts their name to the products, but also has input into the creative process. An excellent marketing strategy or a genuinely exciting design move? Here, we take a look at some of the best menswear brand collaborations.

Pharell Williams x Adidas

Following his successful Ice Cream sneaker line with Reebok, Pharrell Williams was an ideal collaborator with Adidas in creating a range of stylish footwear for men and women – the Superstar collection. His latest ‘Supershell’ line incorporates cool photography images on the toe cap for a unique look.


Justin Timberlake x Tom Ford

High end designer Tom Ford has been working with superstar Justin Timberlake on a clothing line focused on bespoke tailoring and evening wear for the modern man. This relationship has mutually benefited both parties as Ford became creative director of Timberlake’s third studio album ‘The 20/20 Experience’. This explains the lack of double denim and increase of suits and ties!


David Beckham x H&M

Following his successful Bodywear range, David Beckham has designed his first menswear range, aptly named ‘Modern Essentials’. As you’d expect from a cold weather collection, there’s a strong emphasis on layering with an especially impressive collection of coats (we particularly like the camel top coat), not to mention a go-anywhere navy blue suit, knitwear and a strong emphasis on buttoning your shirts right up to the collar.


Mr Beckham has been expanding his empire further with his more recently announced collaboration with heritage menswear brand Kent & Curwen.


Sex Pistols x Vivienne Westwood

Admittedly, the least conventional example on our list, but nevertheless the collaborative relationship between renowned fashion designer Vivienne Westwood and infamous band the Sex Pistols were pivotal in laying the foundations for the punk subculture. Westwood started out making clothes which she sold in Malcolm McLaren’s boutique, SEX, and he just so happened to be managing the upcoming band the Sex Pistols. It was a natural progression for Westwood and McLaren to help style and dress the Sex Pistols, contributing to the band’s overall look, spawning the punk style which is still referenced in fashion today.

Brand Collabs at Designerwear

Quirky fashion designer Jeremy Scott has certainly brought his dazzling creative vision to Adidas with their collaborative range of footwear. We stock the eye-catching zebra trainers with furry outers, which oozes Scott’s signature vibrant style. These shoes are perfect for the more adventurous fashion lovers!




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