2016 Fashion Commandments


A brand new year is upon us and along with the usual resolutions, which are bound to involve joining the gym and vowing to drink less, we believe that there are some clothing habits that we would all benefit from changing or improving. Here are your Designerwear fashion commandments for 2016.

Thou Shalt Wear Appropriate Footwear

Ensure you style your footwear to your bottoms accordingly. Jeans, chinos, shorts and jogging bottoms often call for different styles of shoes to look good. It’s no good wearing flip flops with jeans! A pair of classic black or white trainers are versatile enough that they should work well when paired with most outfits, but look out for contrasting colour details which may clash or look out of place. This leads us onto our next piece of wise advice to take with you into the new year…

Thou Shalt Invest in a Good Pair of Trainers

Luckily, at Designerwear, we have an excellent footwear range with trainers from popular brands including Adidas Originals, Converse and Onitsuka Tiger. If you play sport, wear appropriate trainers with good insole support, flexibility and cushioning for comfort whilst you’re active. A great pair of trainers can enhance performance and ease of movement when worn during athletic activities. For casual, everyday wear, it’s also important to choose perfect fitting shoes with durable materials so long lasting wearability.

Thou Shalt Embrace Accessories

It’s easy to pull on a pair of jeans and a T-shirt before rushing out to embrace your day, but taking a little extra time when getting dressed can make a big difference to how you feel, as well as how you look. Accessories are often an understated addition to an outfit, but they can really add something extra in terms of pulling a stylish look together. Try adding silver, subtle jewellery or a hat and build on that. Take a look at our full range of accessories for beanie hats, caps, snapbacks, belts and bags.

Thou Shalt Iron Your Clothes Before a Night Out

This is a simple rule, but not one every man obeys. Take control of those creases. Iron your shirts for a smart look your mum would be proud of, or if you prefer, rock a polo shirt from a designer brand like Lacoste for a smart-casual feel. Not only do the shirts look much better when ironed, they also feel better!

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