Christmas Jumpers Take the Fashion Industry by Storm

Dig out the Christmas jumper your Nan nitted you as novelty knitwear makes a come back

No one ever thinks the day they unwrap the suspiciously soft package under the Christmas tree that the polar bear emblazoned horror that lies inside will be a jumper that will ever be something they will wear.  However, it seems that 1970’s, alpine style jumpers are all the rage with leading high street stores.  Jumpers featuring giant snowflakes and fluffy seals have taken pride of place on shops shelves and look set to be a Christmas essential.  Grandmas the world around will be getting requests for knitted jumpers for the first time ever rather than teenagers thanking long lost relatives, through gritted teeth, for something that will end up in the bottom draw for years to come.


Slopes and the City

You can take the skier out of the mountains but you cannot take the mountains out of the skiers, in fashion terms anyway.  As the woolley jumper phase takes pride of place inside the covers of fashion magazines, dedicated skiers now have the opportunity to wear the jumpers they would usually use for practical use and exhibit them as piece of fashion.  Skiers nationwide are digging out their ski wear and wearing it on the high street, and who is to blame them!


The range of jumpers on offer serve both fashion and practicality purposes, a partnership that rarely works.  Amongst the most popular styles of jumper around at the moment include:


–          Hoodies

–          Norweigan style knitwear

–          Novelty knitwear


Hoodies and the High Street

As well as knitwear making a come back, hoodies are becoming a wardrobe essential too.  Having previously been more associated with skater boys rather than trendy girls, the hooded jumper now caters to all fashion segments.  Once again, practicality meets fashion via a stylish jumper.


Designer hoodies and jumpers available online

If you want to get your own designer jumper or hoody then visit as they offer a large range of fashionable jumpers, t-shirts and jeans.  Amongst the designers they stock are Voi, police 883l as well as French Connection and many more.  Visit their website or call their sales and advice line on 0844 335 6744.

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