The Levi Strauss story – including the Levis Kids range

Levi Strauss is one of the world’s most enduring fashion labels. The company made the first blue jean in 1873 and has since grown to be the favourite jeans brand across generations. The brand has a unique heritage and the company today is using the history of the brand to create a thrilling future, across adult clothes and Levis kids ranges. Levi Strauss travelled to San Francisco in 1853 as part of the gold rush. He planned to make his fortune, but not through panning gold. He managed the West... Read More

Why Is Italian Footwear Like Mason Garments So Special?

Italy is well known for its designer clothes and shoes. Think about Versace, Gucci, Prada and other famous names. The footwear from Italy is known as some of the best in the world, but why is it so special? The Finest Leather One reason is that Italian footwear uses the highest quality leather. Often the leather is from cows that have been bred specifically for their hides, so they are of the very finest quality. The Italian footwear makers also use the best tannins and oils to treat the leather... Read More

An introduction to the Colmar urbanwear and sportswear brand

The Italian clothing manufacturer Colmar is a historic brand with almost a century of expertise in the ski and sportswear industry. With a new, additional focus on men’s urbanwear, it is a go-to brand for men who want to look stylish on and off the slopes. History Starting life as a family hatmakers in the 1920s, the manufacturer quickly turned its attention to skiwear in the 1930s thanks to a partnership with an innovative cotton mill. The brand has existed as a leading name in skiwear and sports outerwear ever... Read More

Tramarossa: the world’s most beautiful jeans?

Sartoria Tramarossa jeans are frequently name-dropped when designers and fashionistas are referring to the world’s most stylish men’s jeans. Beautiful hand-tailoring, premium denim and the ultimate in personalisation all add up to create what can only be described as the most stylish jeans for men on the globe. The story of Tramarossa Jeans, of course, become highly fashionable in the late 1950s and the 1960s, but they were still a cheap clothing option that was associated with workers and counter culture ideals. As a result, there were few designers creating... Read More

Javier Laval: The man Behind Android Homme

Laval’s original direction saw him working with brands such as Apple, Boost Mobile, Pony, Nike and Nooka with his marketing company Truestar Media. From Hollywood events to consulting for some high-profile brands, Laval was already a name to be reckoned with. The switch from marketing to fashion is just one of many reasons that some have labelled him one of the biggest modern entrepreneurs. After initially finding himself surrounded by some of the biggest names in fashion, music and sports through his design and marketing background, Javier Laval decided that... Read More

Your ultimate guide to wearing Levi’s slim fit jeans

Once upon a time, men’s jeans were all the same. Aside from the obvious aesthetics, all jeans fit in the same way; thankfully, the introduction of a variety of fits meant that all shapes and sizes could buy a pair of jeans that would be perfect for their frame. From the skinny and slim fit to the loose and baggy options, brands such as Levi’s continue to offer a selection that makes finding the right pair a hassle-free task. What makes a slim fit The fit of jeans you choose... Read More

How to wear a Hugo Boss polo shirt with style

Originally used as a tennis shirt, the polo shirt has evolved into one of the most popular items of menswear available both on the high street and in designer collections around the globe. From Hugo Boss to Lacoste, the polo is a brand essential and with such comfort and versatility, this is one type of shirt that is seen as a must have. The material When choosing a polo shirt, the fabric is one of the main factors to take into account. Pique is the original polo fabric which features... Read More

Mallett Answers: What Are Sliders And How Do You Wear Them?

“Sliders” take their name from how easily they come on and off your feet. They are backless, which allows you to get them on quickly, and have an open toe. They are also known as “slides” or “slide sandals”. They are a type of sandal, but not all sandals will be sliders. Flip-flops are similar, but with their toe post they would not be classed as sliders. Sliders can be very casual or much smarter – sometimes athletic. The characteristics that make them slides are being backless and having a... Read More

A short history of the Kappa sportswear brand

This is a brand that has a very strong image, thanks to its very distinctive and much talked about logo. The logo, which stands for mutual support for men and women, shows a man and a woman as one. Despite the original photo being taken by chance, the silhouette image has become famous worldwide. It was captured on a swimwear advertisement shoot, with a man and a woman sitting with their backs to each other. The light created a silhouette outline, showing the two as one, now known as “Omini.”... Read More

The ‘Brasil’ – the Havaianas flagship product

Think of Brazil and you probably see sun and sand, carnivals, the Copacabana. And football. Sometimes all together. It’s part of the culture. This relaxed style lends itself perfectly to Brazil’s other famous export, Havaianas flip flops. A beach staple since their launch in 1962, the world’s favourite flip flop brand sells 200 million pairs across the globe every year – more than any other maker. The flip flop is the ultimate men’s casual footwear, teamed with jeans, linen trousers or shorts, depending on your look, and certainly not reserved... Read More